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Why Prevention Matters?

As the security industry and its customers have learned the hard way, prevention is not 100 percent effective. Still, prevention adds tremendous value in weeding out the obvious, allowing security teams to focus their efforts and resources on what truly requires their attention. This is why Falcon Host includes the most powerful prevention features designed to stop malware, and in a much broader scope, to stop breaches.

What Prevention Capabilities Does Falcon Host Provide?

Falcon Host offers prevention against malware. But it expands beyond just malware protection by also offering prevention against advanced targeted attacks and attacks that do not use malware, filling the wide gap left by solutions that primarily focus on malware. Faclon Host uses the right detection and prevention feature at the right time to prevent breaches across the entire attack continuum.

Prevention of Known and Unknown Malware

Machine learning (ML) is used for pre-execution prevention. Falcon Host employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms that can analyze millions of file characteristics to determine if a file is malicious. This signature-less technology enables Falcon Host to detect and block both known and unknown malware. CrowdStrike ML technology has been independently tested and furthermore, it was provided to VirusTotal to contribute to the security community for the benefit of all. For more information about CrowdStrike ML, read the blog,
“CrowdStrike Machine Learning and VirusTotal.”

This feature gives users the ability to upload
custom hashes from their own whitelists or
blacklists to set either an “always block” or
“always allow” policy for known malware and
machine learning, allowing other methods such as
behavioral indicators of attack (IOAs) to still see
and prevent whitelisted processes from
performing malicious activities

Prevention of Malware-Free Attacks

When a malicious actor leverages an exploit as part of
either malware-based or malware-free attacks, Falcon
Host provides extensive exploit mitigation protection.
Exploit mitigation consists of stopping vulnerability
exploit attempts andpreventing hosts from being
compromised. Falcon Host looks at the pre-execution
technique that is being used, rather than the exploit
itself, to prevent both known and zero-day exploits.

Sophisticated attackers will not limit their
tactics to
the use of malware and exploits. For example, they
can access tools that are part of the operating system
and use them for malicious purposes. Since those
executables are legitimate, preventing the malicious
activity can be difficult for most endpoint security
solutions. In contrast, Falcon Host excels at blocking
those types of techniques by using IOAs, which are
focused on detecting intent — what an attacker is
trying to accomplish — regardless of the tools used
in the attack. IOA-based prevention capabilities allow
customers to prevent threats that bypass tradition

al technologies such as signatures, whitelisting, or
sandboxing. For more information about IOAs, read
the white paper, “Indicators of Attack vs. Indicators of

Offline and Online Prevention

The Falcon Host intelligent sensor offers prevention both offline and online. The sensor supports data processing and decision making on the endpoint. This not only enables highly accurate detection and prevention, but also keeps the endpoint protected everywhere — in the office or on the road, online or off. Offline protection includes blacklisting, whitelisting, exploit mitigation and indicators of attack. In addition, machine learning at the sensor level is on the roadmap for the end of 2016.

Prevention of Ransomware

To combat the escalating level of sophistication used in
ransomware, CrowdStrike uniquely combines all of the methods
previously discussed into an integrated approach that protects
endpoints more effectively against this threat

Blocking known ransomware to eliminate common ransomware variants with minimum effort
Exploit blocking to stop the execution and spread of ransomware via unpatched vulnerabilities.
Machine learning for detection of previously unknown, or zero-day ransomware
Ransomware specific IOAs to identify and block additional unknown ransomware and protect against new categories of ransomware that do not use malicious files, or that rely on legitimate tools such as PowerShell.

To learn more about CrowdStrike’s ransomware prevention capabilities, visit https://www.crowdstrike.com/endpoint-security-products/ransomware/

“CrowdStrike solves our prevention, detection and visibility challenges by unifying next-generation AV and endpoint detection and response (EDR) via a cloud-delivered model. Their solution provides us with an advanced level of threat protection and visibility into what is happening in our environment via a single agent.”

David Giambruno,
Chief Information Officer,


Going Beyond Prevention

Falcon Host is unique in combining an array of
powerful methods to provide prevention against
the tactics, techniques and procedures used by
an adversary — including commodity malware,
zero-day malware and even malware-free attacks
– to breach organizations. But CrowdStrike knows
that however powerful it may be, no prevention is
perfect. Thus, customers need the ability to find out
and respond if it fails. This is why Falcon Host also
includes EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response),
to detect the early stages of an attack as soon
as possible. This means that with Falcon Host,
customers don’t have to choose whether to shift
their budget from prevention to detection, or ask
for a budget increase. They get both prevention
and detection in one unified solution.

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