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Falcon Prevent™
Free Trial Guide (Mac)

Follow these steps to get the most
out of your free trial

Using a PC? Windows User Trial Guide

Free Trial Orientation

Welcome to your free trial of CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent! This orientation quickly outlines all of the resources available to you during the free trial.

If you haven’t signed up for the free trial yet, you can sign up via our Falcon Prevent Free Trial Request form.

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Run Test Scenarios


The first step in the free trial is to login to Falcon UI, our web-based management console. From here, you are free to test on your own or continue with the testing scenarios in this guide.

Section 1: Installation

Quickly download and install the Falcon sensor on your system. Then verify the install and generate your first detection.

Section 2: Efficacy

Test Falcon Prevent’s ability to block a series of real threats, either in your own testing lab or in the secure, cloud-based lab that we provide.

Section 3: Day in the Life

See how easy it is to work with Falcon Prevent on a day-to-day basis. Quickly identify high priority alerts, understand the situation and take action.

Section 4: Deployment

Expand your test deployment and learn how to conduct an AV replacement project in your production environment.

Build Your Business Case

Why replace your existing AV? Why now? Why CrowdStrike? Understand how to build a business case for investing in CrowdStrike Falcon. Get access to third-party analyst and testing reports, business value materials, customer references, case studies, and competitive analysis.

Start Building Your Business Case