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2015 Global Threat Report

CrowdStrike Global Threat Report Analyzes the Biggest Cyber Crime and Targeted Intrusion Trends

The Global Threat Report, issued annually, analyzes more than 70 designated adversaries, providing details about their behavior, capabilities, and intentions related to targeted intrusions, e-crime, and hacktivist campaigns.

This report, produced by leading HIPAA compliance assessor Coalfire, outlines how CrowdStrike Falcon Host can be used to address the requirements of the HIPAA security, including specific privacy rules for organizations implementing HIPAA.

Notable Highlights of the 2015 Global Threat Report:
  • Economic, geopolitical and diplomatic events are becoming the driving force behind today’s cyber threat landscape, the effects of which are being felt by organizations around the world.
  • Deep dive into the key factors shaping the targeted intrusion campaigns of notable nation-state adversaries, including China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.
  • The rise of extortion-based criminal operations including use of ransomware, banking trojans, and exploit kits, along with intelligence-powered social engineering scams, phishing campaigns, and more.
  • Uptick in sophistication and scale of terrorism-related hacktivist groups and online censorship in the Middle East.
  • Forward-looking predictions about emerging threats, espionage activity, personally identifiable information usage, new e-crime waves, and disruptive attacks that impact businesses globally.

Intelligence powers everything that CrowdStrike does, driving cloud-delivered endpoint protection, providing customers unrivaled visibility and detection and response capability, coupled with 24/7 managed hunting for ultimate threat protection.

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