How CrowdStrike Eliminates System Tray Bloat


Organizations need advanced protection against today’s sophisticated threats, but adding layers of standard security tools can cause “system tray bloat,” slowing performance, eroding productivity and draining information technology resources.

In this video, CrowdStrike Cofounder and CTO Dmitri Alperovitch explains the CrowdStrike Falcon® “power of one” design approach and describes how a cloud-native platform with integrated security tools, including next-gen AV that uses machine learning and behavioral analytics, advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR), and 24/7 managed threat hunting all delivered via a lightweight agent, can dramatically improve your security posture and eliminate system tray bloat for good.

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How Falcon and the “Power of One” Eliminate System Tray Bloat

What we’re seeing right now is that the [INAUDIBLE] don’t want to add to, what I call the system tray bloat, the number of agents that you see showing up in the bottom right corner of your screen that are taking away performance to run the system that are creating problems for end users. And they’re really trying to consolidate. They still want to use best [INAUDIBLE] technology to help protect them, and stop breaches on their systems, but they want to do that in a consolidated fashion.

The interesting thing is that the [INAUDIBLE] have been talking about the ineffectiveness of the fact that AV is dead, so to speak, for many, many years. And the reality is that no one has been able to actually remove AV. You still need it for compliance purposes. So even if it’s ineffective, people had to keep it on their systems.

What we’re doing at CrowdStrike is really introducing the power of one single very lightweight agent, about 20 megabytes in size, that can both replace your existing antivirus, and add tremendous capabilities in terms of EDR, Endpoint Detection and Response. Being able to discover on managed assets and application usages within your environment for security hygiene purposes, being able to integrate threat intelligence, and provide a hunting capability to actually help you stop the mega breach.

Well, the mission of CrowdStrike is really to stop the breach. And what we’ve done with the technology that we’ve built, cloud delivered, native cloud delivered, endpoint protection that can identify the most sophisticated adversaries that were trying to break in. Whether there are nation states, whether there are criminal groups or even hacktivists threats, whether they’re using malware, whether using non-malware to living off the land type of techniques. We can stop the breach and we can have your back.


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