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The Three Essential Elements of Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

A large and growing number of security solutions are being touted as the "next generation" in cyber defense, and endpoint protection products are no exception. This has led to widespread confusion about which solutions have truly incorporated next-generation technologies and approaches, which ones are making empty claims or half-hearted attempts, and why the answers matter deeply to organizations seeking protection from the next generation of cyber threats, which are far more targeted, stealthy and destructive than those of the past.

CrowdStrike developed this white paper to help you sift through the hype and uncover the critical elements that a true next-generation endpoint security solution must include. In addition to defining the key elements of this emerging product category, the document provides valuable tools and tests to help you measure and compare different solutions and determine which ones genuinely meet the next-generation criteria.

Download the white paper to learn:
  • An explanation of the three essential capabilities that define Next-Generation Endpoint Protection
  • An evaluation criteria matrix for comparing and measuring the potential impact of different solutions
  • A list of top questions to ask vendors to find out whether their solutions fit the definition of next-generation technology, and how effective they will be in stopping sophisticated threats targeting your environment

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