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Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

The CrowdStrike® Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment evaluates your organization’s security posture at a broad level. It examines six security capabilities — prevention, detection, response, governance, security foundations and threat intelligence — and provides current and target maturity scores for each. This assessment provides a high-level picture of how prepared your organization is to meet the threats you face, and it gives detailed recommendations for changes to people, processes and technologies that can close any security gaps.

The Challenge

Given the complexity of today’s evolving threat landscape, organizations are faced with an important question: How capable are you at preventing, detecting and responding to today’s most advanced adversaries? Most organizations struggle with these challenges.

Time and Resources

Time and Resources

Organizations lack the time and resources needed to conduct a thorough evaluation of their capabilities. For many, keeping up with day-to-day security operations is more than they can handle, straining limited resources and budgets.



Organizations lack the expertise and experience to conduct an objective and detailed assessment of their capabilities. Staff may not be fully up to speed on the latest threat landscape, or in many cases, the organization may not trust its staff’s findings without the support of an outside expert.

Theory vs. Reality

Theory vs. Reality

Existing internal documentation and processes may be misleading because playbooks and other documentation have not been updated to reflect changes in the threats the organization faces, and in the security tools and technologies that have been deployed.



Although executives and board members may recognize cyber threats as a top risk facing their organization, a deeper understanding of what this means is often missing. The types of threats and their impact can vary greatly, and even those organizations that recognize the risk can get stuck in an endless audit and compliance struggle — unable to see the forest for the trees.

The Benefits of a Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

Gap Analysis

Identifies gaps in your cybersecurity program across people, processes and technology

Maturity Assessment

Determines how mature your organization is today and provides guidance on what level of maturity you should strive for

Comparative Rating

Provides a comparison of your maturity level to other organizations facing similar challenges and risk

Action Plan

Identifies areas where you can improve your organization’s security posture and how you should prioritize them

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What CrowdStrike Delivers

The CrowdStrike Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment strategically focuses on supporting capabilities that will assist you with your overall cybersecurity programs. The fundamentals start with an understanding of what you can prevent. Then, knowing that you can’t prevent everything, organizations must learn how to detect and respond to the threats that exist in their environments.

Document Review

CrowdStrike will review relevant internal cybersecurity documentation and then meet with individuals within the organization who understand how your existing cybersecurity program works in reality – regardless of what the documentation may say.

Capabilities Review

It includes thorough review of capabilities, along with recommendations to improve maturity in six key cybersecurity areas: security foundations, detection, prevention, response, governance and threat intelligence.

Executive Summary Report

You receive an executive summary report including key strengths, areas for improvement, and associated recommendations, along with a determination of overall cybersecurity maturity, as determined through the assessment.

Why CrowdStrike?

Skills and Expertise

Skills and Expertise

The assessment is conducted by seasoned incident responders (IR) with an average of over 10 years of industry experience fighting against nation-state adversaries, cybercriminals and other geopolitical cyberthreats

Focus and Value

Focus and Value

CrowdStrike fully prepares you to deal with today’s targeted threats, rather than merely being ready to pass your next audit. The focus is on cybersecurity using a methodology that is continuously updated based on CrowdStrike threat intelligence and IR investigations.

Flexible and Customizable

Flexible and Customizable

CrowdStrike offers several options for add-on services to customize the assessment to better suit your organization’s cybersecurity maturity needs, such as detailed roadmaps and technical hygiene assessments to prioritize how to further mature your cybersecurity capabilities.