Cybersecurity Enhancement Program

The CrowdStrike Cybersecurity Enhancement Program helps organizations develop and implement a cybersecurity improvement program after a breach has occurred, to close security gaps and prevent further breaches.

The challenge

Experiencing a cybersecurity breach can be an organization’s worst nightmare.
Experiencing a second breach would be catastrophic.

Recurring attacks

Once an adversary has breached your environment they will continue looking for other ways to gain access to your network.

High-level expectations

After a breach, there is an expectation from the highest levels of an organization that this must never happen again.

Stop future breaches

Security teams will be responsible for implementing improvement plans that will stop future breaches.

The benefits of a Cybersecurity Enhancement Program

  • Understand lessons learned
    Understand lessons learned from initial attack and incident response activities.
  • Implement security improvements
    Identify security improvements and build a roadmap for implementation.
  • Validate security controls
    Validate that new security controls put in place are effective.
  • Reduce organizational risk
    Assure stakeholders that improvements are reducing the risk of future breaches.

What CrowdStrike delivers

The Cybersecurity Enhancement Program is a flexible, tailored approach for your organization and your unique circumstances and may contain the following components as required:

  • After-action review
    A retrospective look at a recent incident with lessons-learned workshops and security control validation tests
  • Program and technical reviews
    A forward-looking evaluation of your security program identifying factors that may increase the risk of another breach
  • Ongoing guidance
    Periodic check-ins to validate progress toward an improvement plan, and to troubleshoot any issues that arise.
  • Executive briefings
    Briefings to stakeholders to provide an independent assessment of your security program and enhancements

Experienced a breach?

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Why CrowdStrike?

Highly Skilled Experts

CrowdStrike delivers unrivaled expertise and skills drawn from experiences with security operations, incident response, endpoint recovery and forensic analysis.

Powerful Technology

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform is leveraged to gain visibility and understanding of how the breach occurred and what enhancements are required to stop recurrences.

Expectation Management

CrowdStrike experts have briefed boards, audit committees and outside counsel and understand the questions that need to be answered in order to restore confidence.