CrowdStrike Falcon® Operational Support

Expert advice on the optimization and operation of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform

The challenge

Misconfiguration of security platform settings and policies diminishes the value of your security solution.

Improper installation

Improperly installed security solutions can cause alert fatigue or silent failure of the security solution.

Misconfigured settings

Misconfigured security settings and security policies that are misaligned to the business can increase the risk of a cyberattack impacting business operations.

Sub optimized solution

An improperly installed security solution with misconfigured security settings will diminish the value and suboptimize the operation of your security solution.

The benefits of Falcon Operation Support

  • Implement best pratices
    CrowdStrike’s best practices for enterprise deployment allows you to implement the Falcon platform to respond and resolve incidents faster and more efficiently.
  • Business alignment
    Align your organization’s deployment and configuration of the Falcon platform with your business requirements for faster, broader and more effective coverage of endpoints in the environment.
  • Optimized operation
    CrowdStrike tunes your deployment to ensure lower false-positive rates and improved prevention capabilities for your endpoints, ensuring you can improve your security posture and stop breaches.

What CrowdStrike delivers

The CrowdStrike® Services team or one of its Certified Partners performs the service, undertaking the following activities:

  • Start project
    Assess customer infrastructure, review Falcon deployment and configuration guides, establish the deployment schedule and checklist, test network connectivity, and review customer endpoint assets.
  • Optimize falcon
    Provide advice on the deployment of Falcon into your environment, monitor alerts, perform tuning and whitelisting, and advise on endpoint grouping configurations.
  • Implement policies
    Review prevention policies and enable prevention modules within the Falcon platform.
  • Transfer knowledge
    Provide initial user training and knowledge transfer on the Falcon User Interface (up to 2 hours) and assist in the initial monitoring of the Falcon UI.

Experienced a breach?

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Why CrowdStrike?

Platform experience

The CrowdStrike Services team has unrivaled experience and skills in implementing and optimizing the Falcon platform based on numerous deployments

Optimum configuration

This service implements best practices and generally accepted industry techniques that will optimize the operation of the Falcon platform.

CrowdStrike expertise

Leverage the expertise and knowledge of CrowdStrike to ensure you quickly benefit from the capabilities of the Falcon platform that will help you the most.