Identity Protection Services

Protect your workforce credentials to stop identity-based attacks from impacting your business.

Compromised credentials are a leading cause of cyber attacks


CrowdStrike reported 80% of cyberattacks now leverage stolen or compromised credentials to execute subtle but destructive identity-based attacks.


of attacks to gain access were malware-free.

Identity Security Assessment

Gain comprehensive insight into your Active Directory domain configuration, account configuration, privilege delegation and potential attack paths.

  • Gain deep insight into your Active Directory environment
  • Identify stealthy administrators in your Active Directory domain
  • Gain visibility into potentially malicious account activity
  • Proactively strengthen your domain account security posture

CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection

Stop breaches faster by protecting your workforce identities and enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA) when suspicious user activity is detected.

  • Deep visibility across your hybrid identity landscape
  • Hyper-accurate detections of identity-based attacks
  • Risk-based conditional access
  • Frictionless multi-factor authentication (MFA) into legacy apps

Operational Support Services for Falcon Identity Protection

Accelerate the deployment and operationalization of your Falcon Identity Protection solution with support from our platform experts.

  • Accelerate the deployment and configuration of Falcon Identity Protection modules
  • Protect user identities from credential misuse with customized access policies
  • Configure condition-based MFA when suspicious activity is detected on accounts
  • Uncover and remedy identity security vulnerabilities

CrowdStrike University: Learn how to protect your workforce identities

CrowdStrike customers have access to a rich library of eLearning and Instructor-led training courses on identity protection.

  • Falcon Identity Protection Fundamentals
  • Zero Trust Fundamentals
  • Protecting Workforce Identities with Falcon Identity Protection

Why choose CrowdStrike Services?

Superior technology platform

Falcon Identity Threat Detection provides instant visibility into anomalous user activity and lateral movement by potential threat actors.

Deep threat intelligence

CrowdStrike experts provide deep insight into the attack paths executed by threat actors using compromised credentials.

Identity security best practices

CrowdStrike consultants provide actionable recommendations to implement best practices and controls that help you enhance the cybersecurity posture of your user identities.

Are you experiencing an identity-based attack?

CrowdStrike’s Services team will help your organization quickly establish visibility of attacker activity, work with your team to contain the breach, and get you back to business faster.

Contact our Breach Hotline