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Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions

Intelligence enables action against cyber threats


An effective security strategy is multi-layered, enabling a security team to effectively predict and understand the cyber threats that imperil an organization’s key assets. Empowering an organization to anticipate who may attack next, and how, allows security teams to focus on prioritizing resources so they can respond effectively to impending cyberattacks.

CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence™ provides this necessary foresight with timely, comprehensive, contextually-rich and actionable threat actor intelligence, delivered in consumable formats for both enterprise systems (API feeds) and security staff (alerts, reports).

Security operations center (SOC) managers and intelligence analysts can more effectively prioritize and respond to threats with the analysis available in the full threat intelligence reports Falcon Intelligence provides. These reports contain specific information about threat actors, their key tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), and the industry verticals being targeted.

Current State of Threat Intelligence

Legacy signature-based endpoint detection systems will not stop the most advanced persistent threat (APT) actors. And while a variety of open-source intelligence feeds exist, leveraging them can take time away from other important security planning and prevention tasks that SOC managers and threat analysts must perform.

Simply put, there’s a lot of noise and firefighting that can be reduced by a complete cyber threat intelligence offering such as Falcon Intelligence. In addition, security infrastructures like SIEM (security information and event management) tools need threat intelligence to effectively correlate events to the latest threat activity and indicators.

Cyber Threat
Intelligence Solutions

Falcon Intelligence provides the latest insights and indicators of compromise (IOCs) from an all-source methodology of intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination, giving security professionals the ability to know what cyberattackers are after, what their motivations are, and what they’ll do next to attain their goals.

Using a variety of collection methods (human, SIGINT, OSINT, the dark web, etc.), CrowdStrike’s global threat intelligence team gathers, analyzes and reports on over 90 threat actors that operate around the world. The team identifies:

  • Targeted industries and verticals
  • Geographic areas of operation
  • Key tactics, techniques and procedures

This process delivers key assets and capabilities that:

  • Empower your security team with insights that strengthen your organization’s security posture
  • Delivers comprehensive adversary and threat analysis combined with threat indicators providing visibility and insight into future threats

The Falcon Intelligence™ service compliments CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection by providing direct access to malware and intelligence experts, including the ability to ask questions and submit malware samples for investigation.

Falcon platform customers also can correlate attack detection in real time to know which specific methods threat actors are using, leveraging complete, integrated threat intelligence to better defend against the next intrusion.


The more a security team knows, the better they can defend against and stop the next breach. A Falcon Intelligence subscription provides the means to see what's around the next corner and enables SOC managers and threat analysts to:

  • Predict attacks
  • Prioritize responses
  • Obtain alert context
  • Generate informed C-level reporting
  • Drive security automation

Customers of both Falcon Intelligence and the Falcon platform get a tightly integrated solution, ensuring that if the product detects a threat associated with an adversary, customers can then automatically view more information about the adversary. This information, obtained by enabling searches for other indicators of compromise (IOCs) associated with that adversary, provides a better understanding of your exposure to the threat. This level of integration also speeds threat hunting and shortens investigation cycles.


By providing the information your attackers would prefer to keep hidden, Falcon Intelligence gives security teams the edge necessary to be more effective in stopping cyberattacks.

"I know I’m going to be alerted to trouble on the network — at headquarters or in a field office — immediately. With recommendations that will stop an attack in its tracks and actionable intelligence on the adversary we’re facing, my team is a lot more effective."

Geoff Merck | Director of IT and Telecom
International Republican Institute (IRI)

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