CrowdStrike® Zero Trust

The CrowdStrike Zero Trust solution secures your enterprise against modern attacks with the world's largest unified, threat-centric data fabric to stop breaches in real time on any identity, endpoint and workload — wherever they are.

Frictionless Zero Trust for your hybrid enterprise

Truly cloud-native Zero Trust solution

Built on a scalable cloud-native architecture, the CrowdStrike Zero Trust solution adheres to the NIST 800-207 standard, and maximizes Zero Trust protection, covering multi-directory identity stores (Microsoft AD, Azure AD), multi-OS endpoints and workloads across your hybrid enterprise. Stop breaches like supply chain attacks, ransomware and malicious code execution in real time.

Frictionless Zero Trust security

Deploy Zero Trust faster and in phases, with a single lightweight-agent architecture. Reduce the load on security operations center (SOC) analysts with hyper-accurate detections and enhance user experience with adaptive conditional access.

Reduce security and complex costs

Using high-fidelity, cloud-delivered attack correlations, behavioral risk analytics and simple to implement policy enforcement, reduce the mean time to detect and respond to all threats. Eliminate manual data analysis and management, reduce agent bloat and decrease the need for additional hardware, software, storage and personnel.

Scalable and flexible frictionless
Zero Trust journey

Unify visibility and security assessment
  • Gain multi-directory identity store visibility (on-premises AD and Azure AD) to understand the scope and impact of identities, their privileges and authentication footprint

  • Discover all managed and unmanaged endpoints, identities and applications that could impact your security posture

  • Visualize suspicious applications in your network and pinpoint unprotected/unmanaged applications that impact your security posture

  • Discover multi-cloud workloads and assess container footprint across on-premises and cloud deployments

Mitigate threats in real time
  • Automatically segment identities based on roles, privileges, human, service, shared accounts and more

  • Protect hybrid identity stores and stop reconnaissance, lateral movement and persistence in your network

  • Stay ahead of evolving adversarial tradecraft with CrowdStrike Security Cloud’s AI, indicators of attack (IOAs) and threat intelligence

  • Detect and respond to Incidents faster without manual threat correlations and log analysis

  • Reduce false positives with high-fidelity telemetry from endpoints, workloads and identities distributed across your hybrid enterprise

  • Protect your Windows desktop, Windows Server, macOS and Linux endpoints from ransomware, malware and fileless attacks

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Optimize security coverage and user experience
  • Ensure consistent login experience for genuine users while enforcing intelligent conditional access to resources and applications only when the risk increases
  • Reduce the attack surface by extending risk-based MFA to any resource or application, including legacy/proprietary systems and tools

  • Assess endpoint security posture and enforce conditional access to resources from compliant endpoints by sharing the assessment scores with CrowdStrike Zero Trust ecosystem partners

  • Leverage the built-in APIs to optimize your Zero Trust implementation - Integrate your favorite third-party and custom security solutions with CrowdStrike Security Cloud and CrowdStrike Zero Trust ecosystem partners