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Five Steps to Incorporate Adversary Intelligence into Your Cybersecurity Program


With adversary focused threat intelligence, security professionals can proactively defend their enterprises and understand the details of the motivations, intent, and capabilities of threat actors. Fully incorporating threat intelligence allows organizations to better protect intellectual property and customer data by understanding precisely who is targeting the enterprise. Using this intelligence information security professionals can finally begin to integrate threats to the enterprise into the overall risk perspective to the business.

Forrester’s Know Your Adversary report advises incorporating adversary intelligence into your cybersecurity program with these five steps:

  1. Understand your circles of influence and concern
  2. Integrate adversary intelligence with detection and response
  3. Maximize your internal threat intelligence
  4. Fuse your internal intelligence with external adversary intelligence
  5. Don’t forget about the insider threat

Learn how to incorporate adversary intelligence and more as Forrester analyst, Rick Holland, dives into the the fundamentals of adversary intelligence, discusses its pros and cons, and provides security professionals with specific recommendations for how they can operationalize adversary intelligence into their cybersecurity strategy in this 20-page report. Download the report now: https://www.crowdstrike.com/forrester-report-know-your-adversary/

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