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Five questions with Rose Steingart

How the CrowdStrike Employee Experience Comes to Life

One big reason people love to work at CrowdStrike is our mission: We stop breaches. Many security professionals are motivated by the mission and have personal reasons as to why they pour their energy into stopping cyberattacks.

We’re also proud to say that CrowdStrike routinely tops lists of best cybersecurity technology and services, a leadership position that attracts many jobseekers as well.

Another big reason is our world-class employee experience and high-performance culture. CrowdStrike prioritizes the employee experience and strives to ensure all employees feel connected to our core values. In this blog, we hear from Rose Steingart, Senior Employee Experience Specialist on the Employee Experience team, who discusses her efforts to make the CrowdStrike employee experience second to none.

Rose Steingart

Q. Every CrowdStriker is unique. What’s your story?

I live in Austin with my husband and two dogs. We’re all about hiking, the outdoors and sunshine. Whether it’s trekking through the Dolomites or road-tripping around California beaches, I’m always trying to find the next adventure.

Q. What drew you to CrowdStrike?

Company culture fascinates me. A few years out of college, I landed a workplace experience job for a tech company in Austin. This was my first foray into planning meaningful corporate events and highlighting

employee moments through experiences — and I loved it. Then, when the pandemic hit, everything went remote, so I learned how to influence the culture of a remote workforce.

One day, I saw an opportunity with CrowdStrike to be on their growing Employee Experience team. With more than 70% of CrowdStrike employees working remotely, I knew I could contribute innovative ideas for its hybrid workforce. It says a lot about a company to have a team dedicated to highlighting employee moments, creating recognition programs, connecting employees and more. This was a dream job and I was fortunate to get the offer!

Q. What’s your day-to-day at CrowdStrike look like?

As a Senior Employee Experience Specialist, each day looks different depending on which program I’m working on and the team’s focus. I usually work remotely with my pups, and occasionally pop into our Austin office to see colleagues and enjoy the amenities. Wherever I am in the world, I’m constantly connecting with my team and finding new ways to drive engagement, build deep employee connections to each other and the company, and ultimately create a space for our employees to thrive and deliver on our mission to stop breaches.

Q. Describe some of the programs you work on.

In my 2.5 years at CrowdStrike, our team has grown from two to six people. That’s allowed me to expand many of our popular employee programs such as FalconFit (wellness program), XLR8 (innovation contest) and our employee recognition and quarterly award programs. I also helped with our employee journey map to learn more about the typical CrowdStriker’s journey, and helped develop new programs such as CrowdCelebrates (our end-of-year program where employees choose how they wish to celebrate), CrowdNeighborhoods (where remote employees can plan in-person events), Employee Appreciation Week and much more.

Q. Tell us about Employee Appreciation Week. That sounds fun.

Employee Appreciation Week (EAW) is our way to highlight the great work our people do and to have fun together. Every year it’s gotten bigger and better. This year’s EAW gave managers the chance to connect with their teams in fun ways and show their appreciation.

Over 2,000 CrowdStrikers were recognized in the #kudos Slack channel, where we raffled off daily prizes for flights, AirBnBs, shopping and more. We had in-office celebrations with things like escape rooms, massages, mariachi bands and office olympics. For our virtual teams, we offered virtual game nights with special swag and other fun activities. More than 6,000 CrowdStrikers received exclusive EAW swag as a keepsake of the amazing week. Through these programs and others, 100% of the company participated in EAW, which is amazing.

CrowdStrike is growing fast. Ready to join a mission that matters? Browse our job listings to see all the exciting opportunities available at CrowdStrike.