Exclusive, invite-only executive experience at Fal.Con 2024

Fal.Con One is an invitation-only executive experience during Fal.Con. Gain exclusive access to CrowdStrike executives and top cybersecurity experts, join in strategic discussions on the future of cybersecurity, and network with industry leaders.





September 16


Fal.Con One Executive Lounge Open

Conference Badge Pick-Up

Refreshments and Snacks

Network with CrowdStrike Executives & Peers

September 17

All day

Fal.Con One Executive Programming


Fal.Con One Executive Lounge Open

Private Breakfast

Fal.Con Opening Keynotes

Networking and Cocktails

September 18


Fal.Con One Executive Lounge Open

Private Breakfast

Fal.Con Keynotes

Fal.Con One Executive Lunch & Networking

Fal.Con Fest VIP Pre-Party

Fal.Con Fest

Fal.Con One highlights

  • Dedicated executive programming on Tuesday, September 17
  • Private VIP executive lounge and private meals
  • Intimate networking receptions
  • Reserved keynote seating Tuesday and Wednesday
  • VIP pre-party and reserved area for Fal.Con Fest on Wednesday, September 18
  • Access to all Fal.Con programming