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Customized insights to operationalize best practices for cloud security

Is your cloud secure?

Understand how to protect your cloud environment with our Cloud Security Risk Review. We’ll provide practical steps to overcome these critical cloud security challenges:

  • Lack of unified visibility in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments
  • Weaknesses from multiple security and control solutions, and
    complex tooling
  • Difficulty in consistently enforcing security posture and compliance

Why it matters


increase in cloud exploitation in 2022 1


the number of security cases involving cloud-conscious actors in the last year 2


USD is the average cost of a hybrid cloud environment breach 3

The CrowdStrike Cloud Security Risk Review

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  • Consult with an expert
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  • See everything in your cloud
    Gain visibility into all of your organization’s cloud resources and insights into your overall security posture and risk.

Instant value

  • Identify risky misconfigurations
    Detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and threats, and receive guided remediation for cloud infrastructure and cloud apps.
  • Uncover control plane threats
    Identify indicators of attack (IOAs) against the control plane.
  • Uncover runtime threats
    Identify cloud resources that have fallen out of compliance and learn how to fix them.

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