Falcon Cloud Workload Protection Complete:
Managed Detection and Response for Cloud Workloads

CrowdStrike's fully managed service stops cloud breaches every hour of every day,
backed by CrowdStrike’s industry-leading Breach Prevention Warranty.
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<strong>The need for speed</strong>

The need for speed

  • Adversaries have their heads in the clouds. The shift to cloud-native architectures and the adoption of DevOps have brought substantial changes to the attack surface. Adversaries have adapted their tactics to capitalize on the chaos.
  • Skilled staff are scarce. The time frame to respond to attacks has shrunk to hours or minutes. Many organizations have insufficient skilled staff to reliably act on cloud threats, 24/7, in time to stop a breach.
  • Security can slow transformation. Architecting, deploying and managing security can slow cloud transformation. Organizations are left with a no-win decision: slow down cloud rollouts to enable security architecture, staffing and processes to catch up, or move forward with unknown risks.


First and Only Fully Managed
Cloud Workload Protection

  • Stop Cloud</br> Breaches

    Stop Cloud

    Moving to the cloud brings risk and uncertainties, and requires scarce, skilled staff to manage and keep it secure.

    Falcon Cloud Workload Protection Complete brings you focused expertise to stop threats through continuous vigilance.

    Expert protection 24/7/365

  • Build Faster and More Securely in the Cloud

    Build Faster and More Securely in the Cloud

    The cloud brings the promise of infinite scalability and agility. Deploying and managing your security can introduce DevOps drag.

    Falcon Cloud Workload Protection Complete deploys seamlessly and delivers frictionless protection for the cloud.

    Eliminate drag

  • Eliminate Uncertainty in Defending the Cloud

    Eliminate Uncertainty in Defending the Cloud

    The cloud is dynamic and requires continuous monitoring. Mounting a proper cloud defense takes time and resources, stealing focus from your core mission

    Falcon Cloud Workload Protection Complete delivers predictable security outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

    100% confidence
    403% ROI

Falcon Cloud Workload Protection Complete Features

People, Process and Technology Are All Key to Stopping Cloud Breaches

24/7 expertise to defend the cloud

24/7 expertise to defend the cloud

The Falcon Complete team arms you with seasoned security professionals who have experience in cloud defense, incident handling and response, forensics, SOC analysis and IT administration. The team has a global footprint, allowing true 24/7 “follow the sun” coverage.

See how the Falcon Complete team responds to threats

<span>Powered by Falcon Cloud Workload Protection</span>

Powered by Falcon Cloud Workload Protection

CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Workload Protection provides comprehensive breach protection for workloads and containers, enabling you to build, run, and secure applications with speed and confidence.

  • Multi-cloud. Falcon provides a single platform to protect AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Broad visibility. Uncover AWS EC2 instances, GCP Compute instances, and Azure virtual machines (VMs) without installing an agent.
  • Secure hosts and containers. Falcon runtime protection defends containers against active attacks.

Learn more about Falcon Cloud Workload Protection

<strong>Continuous human threat hunting</strong>

Continuous human threat hunting

Falcon Cloud Workload Protection Complete includes 24/7 monitoring by the Falcon OverWatch team, CrowdStrike’s human threat detection engine that hunts relentlessly to see and stop the most sophisticated hidden threats.

  • The SEARCH Methodology. OverWatch analysts leverage their proprietary SEARCH methodology to shine a light into the darkest corners — leaving adversaries with nowhere to hide.
  • Cloud-scale data. Scalable and effective threat hunting requires access to vast amounts of data and the ability to mine that data in real time for signs of intrusions. CrowdStrike’s rich telemetry creates the foundation for OverWatch threat hunting.

Learn more about Falcon OverWatch

<strong>Surgical remediation</strong>

Surgical remediation

When an intrusion is identified in a system protected by Falcon, the Falcon Complete team acts quickly and decisively. The team remotely accesses the affected system using native Falcon capabilities to surgically remove persistence mechanisms, stop active processes and clear other latent artifacts. The Falcon Complete team restores systems to their pre-intrusion state without the burden and disruption of reimaging.*
*See the Falcon Complete FAQ for more details.

  • <60 minutes: Average time to perform surgical remediation. The Falcon Complete team executes surgical remediation remotely in minutes, eliminating the cost and burden of reimaging.
  • Zero impact to DevOps. The Falcon Complete team can often perform remediation without impacting the underlying applications.

Read real-world remediation case studies

<strong>Breach prevention warranty</strong>

Breach prevention warranty

CrowdStrike stands strongly behind its breach protection capabilities. Falcon Complete Workload Protection Complete comes with a breach prevention warranty* to cover costs should a breach occur within the protected environment.
*The Breach prevention warranty is not available in all regions. See FAQ for other restrictions.

Breach prevention warranty FAQ

CrowdStrike named
a Leader

IDC MarketScape: US MDR Services 2021 Vendor Assessment
Industry Experts recognize CrowdStrike as a leader In managed detection and response

Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q1 2021
Read the report to learn the key capabilities that Forrester recommends organizations demand when looking for an MDR provider.

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