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We immediately started seeing the benefits of a modern security stack.

Jac Noel Principal Engineer & Security Architect, Intel Corporation

CrowdStrike really checks all of the boxes for things that we're looking for. They've been a good strategic partner.

Jennifer Czaplewski Sr Director, Cybersecurity, Target

All of us see that we have to work together. It’s the only way we are going to combat the advanced threat actors out there.

Kelly McCracken SVP of Detection & Response, Salesforce

We work with partners like CrowdStrike to help us handle the volume…to do threat hunting together with us.

Jan Willekens Head of Cyber Defence Center, Ericsson

In healthcare, the right
cybersecurity does more
than save time. It saves lives.

Tahir Ali CTO & CISO, Montage Health

Your trust, your credibility rests on companies like CrowdStrike, who are going to be there when you need them the most.

Michael Sherwood Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas

Bad people are out there every day, around the clock, trying to compromise our computers. It’s our job to provide protection that doesn’t ever compromise.

Matt Singleton CISO, State of Oklahoma

With CrowdStrike, you’re going to see things earlier and you’re going to be able to respond quicker. It’s simple, easy, and effective.

David Worthington CISO, Jemena

The threat landscape’s changing. And with CrowdStrike, our ability to protect and stay one step, or even ten steps ahead of those changes is key.

Brad Jones VP Information Security & CISO, Seagate
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