CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox FAQ

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What is Falcon Sandbox™?
What is the hybrid analysis technology and how does it benefit malware analysis?
What is and how does it relate to Falcon Sandbox?
Are files submitted to Falcon Sandbox private?
Why is a “kernel mode monitor” important when analyzing malware?
How does Falcon Sandbox scale?
What is Falcon Sandbox On-Prem?
What is the difference between Falcon Sandbox and Falcon Sandbox On-Prem?
What is Falcon Sandbox Bridge?
What files can Falcon Sandbox analyze?
Can I control how a file is analyzed?
What are Falcon Sandbox behavioral Indicators?
What detonation operating systems do you support?
What type of information is available in a Falcon Sandbox analysis report?
Can I threat hunt and search through the results of previously analyzed malware?
What integrations are provided with Falcon Sandbox On-Prem Edition?
What is recursive analysis and why is it important?
How is Falcon Sandbox priced?