How CrowdStrike supports the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), providing approximately $1.2 trillion over the coming years to support the nation’s infrastructure – up to $3.5 billion of which could be used to strengthen cybersecurity. Key provisions in the IIJA direct federal agencies; state, local, tribal and territorial governments; and public and private utility and transportation entities to implement cybersecurity solutions that promote advancement in cybersecurity resilience and in their ability to assess, detect, identify, mitigate and respond to cyber threats.

Our mission

Stop breaches

Our cloud-native endpoint detection and response (EDR), automated vulnerability management and identity protection with human-derived real-time intelligence provide the security your critical infrastructure — and you — deserve. With best-of-breed, frictionless EDR, identity protection and cloud security capabilities, CrowdStrike empowers you to detect, prevent and respond to threats anywhere in your digital estate.

Department of Transportation

The IIJA directs two specific programs under the DOT to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of the transportation system.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon endpoint protection solutions, Falcon Complete managed detection and response, and identity threat protection capabilities map well to the requirements of these programs. With 80% of attacks being identity-based, Falcon Identity Threat Protection is critical to securing the hyper-connected U.S. infrastructure.

  • ​​Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) grant provides $500 million over five years to state, local and tribal governments as well as public toll authority and metropolitan planning agencies for connected infrastructure investments
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency – Infrastructure (ARPA-I) provides funding for the advancement of cybersecurity technology solutions that promote the resiliency of roads, highways, bridges, airports, seaports and rail from cyberattacks
Department of Energy

Seven programs provide over $1 billion in investment funding to secure research, modernization and resiliency in the energy sector and electrical grid. These projects range from maturity models and threat assessments, protection, detection, response and recovery from cyber threats to pilot projects to gain experience with new cyber technology.

CrowdStrike is unrivaled in its capability in threat intelligence, using human analysts, its AI-enabled Falcon XDR (extended detection and response) and its professional services for conducting assessments and proactive and reactive engagements. The Falcon platform provides unified protection, delivered from the cloud, with cutting-edge and real-time machine learning applied to both the device and the cloud. Combined with Falcon automated threat intelligence, CrowdStrike provides raw intelligence to customers to further increase their EDR functionality and enable quick response to incidents and intrusions.

Department of Homeland Security

The Cyber Response and Recovery Act and the new State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program provide over $1.1 billion in funding to state, local, tribal and territorial governments including public-private partnerships. These funds are available for seven and five years, respectively, and seek to address cyber risks and threats by supporting threat hunting, network protection and the replacement and modernization of tools and systems.

CrowdStrike’s security ecosystem and the CrowdXDR Alliance provide a comprehensive solution for the Cybersecurity Executive Order and your security requirements. CrowdStrike Falcon is driven by human intelligence and threat hunting that is informed by a global deployment of sensors, which feed the AI-driven platform for workload and identity protection, and the CrowdStrike Services team not only responds to intrusions but also conducts proactive assessment and exercises to harden your defenses and training.

Environmental Protection Agency

With two programs valued at $375 million over five years, the EPA’s Midsize and Large Drinking Water System Infrastructure Resilience and Sustainability Program and the Clean Water Infrastructure Resiliency and Sustainability Program seek to improve the resiliency of the nation’s water system.

CrowdStrike is the clear choice in ensuring water availability during a cyberattack or intrusion, offering Falcon endpoint protection solutions, Falcon Complete managed detection and response and CrowdStrike Services, which include cybersecurity maturity assessments, SOC assessments and Incident Response retainers.

IIJA Solution Brief

  • IIJA overview and requirements
  • CrowdStrike solutions and products that support the IIJA
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