Customer Story

Australian Utility Provider, Jemena, Chooses CrowdStrike Falcon Complete to Transform Cybersecurity Defense and Critical Infrastructure Protection

With more than AU$11.5 billion [US$8 billion] invested in major utility infrastructure, Jemena supplies millions of households and businesses with essential gas and electricity services. Jemena also has launched a host of initiatives to increase the generation and distribution of green energy. However, the success in creating such an extensive energy supply network makes for an enticing target for cyberattacks.

David Worthington, CISO at Jemena, realized that although security at the business was an important priority, protection in certain areas could be enhanced. Several security products and services had been acquired over time by different areas of the business, resulting in a lack of cross-department cohesion and visibility. There was an awareness of security-related incidents but no clear, timely understanding of exactly what occurred or the level of risk associated with any such event.

“I quite often talk to people about my experience with CrowdStrike. It’s really simple, easy and effective. You get everything in one set of dashboards. With CrowdStrike, we are minimising the risk to the business, and operating effectively.”