Falcon Adversary OverWatch: Identity Threat Hunting

Disrupt sophisticated adversaries executing identity-based attacks.

Identity is the new security battleground, and the onslaught of identity-related attacks requires constant vigilance. With adversaries’ growing proficiency in obtaining legitimate credentials, hunting for users performing unexpected activity has never been more important.

Identity threat hunting is a complex task requiring expertise and sophisticated tools. CrowdStrike Falcon® Adversary OverWatch™ reduces cost and complexity by delivering a managed service that provides 24/7 protection — all powered by AI and CrowdStrike’s unrivaled team of threat hunting experts.

By continuously monitoring user behaviors, access controls and authentication mechanisms, Falcon Adversary OverWatch can detect threats that specifically target user credentials, allowing organizations to undertake proactive mitigation and defensive actions.

Learn more about how you can strengthen your defense with Falcon Adversary OverWatch.

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