Gartner® Report: 5 Initiatives to Move Toward Security Operations Excellence

Identity-based attacks encompass a majority of modern threats as misused credentials and stolen identities continue to rise. Organizations are challenged to view and prevent identity-based attacks due to a number of factors. One important barrier is that identity and access management (IAM) is often not managed by security operations. This creates a significant gap in identity visibility for most organizations.

Download this report by Gartner to learn why you should elevate identity to the forefront of your cyber defense strategy by integrating IAM, identity threat detection and response (ITDR), and identity threat hunting into your security operations. You’ll learn how identity fits into the five major steps that Gartner recommends towards moving to “security operations excellence”1 for a stronger security posture.

“Over 40% of SOCs surveyed have listed their greatest challenges as lack of context, lack of enterprise wide visibility, lack of procedural playbooks, lack of tool integration and alert fatigue.”


1: Gartner Report: 5 Initiatives to Move Toward Security Operations Excellence, Jonathan Nunez, Carlos De Sola Caraballo, 30 January 2024

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