How Identity Threat Protection Solves Modern Business Challenges

Reduce risk for supply chain, M&A, remote work, and other threats

Today’s business environments are increasingly complex with supply chains, remote workforce and M&A coming into the fold to afford businesses many advantages that impact the bottom line and pave the way for IT innovations. But these advantages also create more vulnerabilities providing threat actors with greater opportunities to launch identity-based attacks. With compromised credentials, adversaries have a key to the front door and can move laterally without being detected.

Identity-based attacks are the number one cybersecurity threat facing organizations today.

Fortunately, identity threat protection solutions have emerged that provide critical capabilities addressing the most complex challenges facing modern organizations today. In this white paper we will look at:

  • How today’s complex environments create new opportunities for adversaries to launch identity-based attacks
  • Four common use cases that test most organizations’ defenses against identity-based attacks
  • The three most important capabilities of identity threat protection solutions
  • Why identity threat protection has become a prerequisite for business and IT innovations


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