CrowdStrike Falcon® Gold Standard

CrowdStrike Services Falcon Gold Standard is a readiness framework that accelerates the implementation and weaponization of the Falcon platform to deliver a gold standard level of protection that will stop breaches and prevent business disruption.

The challenge

Improperly installed and configured security solutions can lead to failure of the solution to stop a breach. 

Slow deployment of security tools

Customers often lack the knowledge to deploy and configure security tools like Falcon to meet their required level of business risk.

Improper configuration and settings

Configuring the right policies and settings based on business risk is a key success factor to stopping breaches.

Increased risk of a cybersecurity breach

Poorly implemented security tools greatly increase the risk of a cybersecurity breach.

The benefits of Falcon Gold Standard

  • Accelerate time-to-value
    The proven implementation and operational model is designed to seamlessly take customers from onboarding, configuration and tuning through to full weaponization of the Falcon platform.
  • Enhance level of breach prevention
    Achieve the highest level (“gold standard”) of implementation and operationalization that will prevent breaches from disrupting business operations.
  • Reduce enterprise risk profile
    Reduce the risk of silent failure and alert fatigue impacting your business using the gold standard of detection, investigation and response to cyberattacks.
  • Maximize cybersecurity ROI
    Accelerated implementation and time-to-value maximizes the ROI in the Falcon cybersecurity solution.

What CrowdStrike delivers

Falcon Gold Standard delivers technology, intelligence and expertise for rapid and effective operationalization and weaponization of the Falcon platform, including:

  • Expert managed service
    The 90-day managed service provides CrowdStrike expertise to monitor and tune your Falcon instance, and triage alerts to identify true threats and false positives.
  • Rapid implementation framework
    A readiness framework accelerates the implementation and weaponization of the Falcon platform to deliver the gold-standard level of protection.
  • Platform configuration and tuning
    Leverage CrowdStrike operational expertise to configure and tune the Falcon platform aligned to the required risk level of the business.
  • Threat monitoring and hunting
    Monitor alerts in the Falcon platform and hunt for threat activity using threat intelligence and the experience of the Falcon OverWatch team.
  • Detection triage and Falcon real-time response
    Detect high-severity alerts and triage incidents to contain threats quickly, and use Real Time Response to recover endpoints with no system reimaging or reboots.

Experienced a breach?

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Why CrowdStrike?

Falcon platform expertise

CrowdStrike brings years of experience, with Falcon platform administrators, incident responders and threat hunters all working to tune your instance of the platform to the risk needs of your business to stop breaches.

Immediate threat detection

The fully operationalized Falcon platform is able to immediately detect active threats in less than 60 seconds, giving you the speed and precision you need to contain an attack.

Falcon real-time response

Intelligence-led rapid response is enabled by the threat intelligence and real- time response capabilities of the Falcon platform and used by CrowdStrike responders to remediate any active threats quickly.

Unrivaled threat hunting

The Falcon OverWatch team is the most seasoned group of threat hunters able to detect hands-on-keyboard activity and uncover zero-day exploits before they get a chance to disrupt your business.

Breach prevention

CrowdStrike Falcon® Gold Standard is the best-practice implementation of the Falcon platform, which has been proven to stop breaches.