Falcon Launch Services

Accelerate time-to-value and achieve the highest level of protection for the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

Go from invested to fully protected with
Falcon Launch Services

Get better protection

Achieve the highest level of protection in the shortest possible time frame.

Minimize risk

Minimize your risk when active threats are discovered in your environment.

Maximize ROI

Get the most out of your investment and deliver the fastest payback period.

Service features

Deploy and operationalize the Falcon platform to the gold-standard level of protection with our expert launch services, including:

  • Support for the deployment of the Falcon platform across your environment
  • Configuration of the platform by our certified experts
  • Tuning and environment normalization to align security policies to your business needs
  • Detection analysis and risk mitigation to help remediate risks identified in the Falcon platform

Why choose CrowdStrike Services?

CrowdStrike provides fully trained and certified experts to help you achieve the "gold standard" of protection.

Falcon platform expertise

Our seasoned experts, certified on the Falcon platform, have helped customers of all sizes and industries seamlessly operationalize the Falcon platform in even the most complex environments.

Proven readiness framework

Our readiness framework is established from over a decade of CrowdStrike best-practices to operationalize Falcon quickly and effectively.

Alert analysis & remediation

Our certified experts leverage deep insights to analyze alerts and guide you through threat remediation, for stronger security and peace of mind.