SOC Assessment

The CrowdStrike® Security Operations Center (SOC) Assessment helps organizations quickly understand the maturity level of their security monitoring and incident response capabilities and shows how to take them to the next level.

The challenge

The sheer volume of security events, incidents and false positives means security teams are already over extended and wading through a sea of alerts, and unable to afford the time to review their security posture and implement positive changes.

Resource availability

Resource availability is often a challenge when trying to assess the current posture of SOC capabilities.

Unknown gaps

It can be difficult to realize the gaps that exist, when you become embedded in a daily routine of alert fatigue.

Latest trends

Keeping up with the latest trends, technologies, processes and intel becomes a luxury few can afford.

The benefits of an SOC Assessment

  • In-depth assessment of operations
    An in-depth assessment helping to identify gaps in your cybersecurity operations and incident response program.
  • Enhancement through best practices
    Determines how mature your organization is today and provides guidance on achieving your desired future state of security operations.
  • Reduce organizational security risk
    Provides a detailed prioritized plan to reduce your organizational security risk with impactful improvements to operations.

What CrowdStrike delivers

The SOC Assessment involves review of documentation, discussions with staff and manual review of your Security Operations Center. The output is a detailed and tailored report of the issues discovered and their impact along with recommended steps for operational improvements.

  • Engaging workshops
    Engage in interactive workshops with CrowdStrike experts to gather information on your existing SOC operations and share best practices.
  • In-depth reporting
    Receive a detailed and tailored report based on CrowdStrike workshops, documentation analysis and follow-up discussions.
  • Prioritized areas for improvement
    Receive a roadmap of prioritized recommendations that will strengthen and improve your SOC team’s ability to effectively detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

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Why CrowdStrike?


CrowdStrike leverages a deep expertise in security operations, incident response and forensic analysis to review your SOC capabilities.

Depth of analysis

The assessment team pays close attention to detail with deep discovery and analysis to identify gaps and compare those gaps to known best practices for security monitoring and incident response.

Methodology and approach

The approach consists of interactive workshops that promote open dialogue, allowing CrowdStrike’s experienced consultants to understand the depths of your organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement.