Exposure Management – Identifying Internet Asset Risks

Proactively Identifying Internet Assets with Falcon Exposure Management



In this resource you will learn how to pinpoint and gather insight about internet facing assets with Falcon Exposure Management. This resource is intended as an introduction to how Crowdstrike identifies internet facing assets and what information is gathered in the process. 

The Problem

With threat actors constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities in internet-facing assets, the stakes have never been higher. According to TechTarget, 76% of organizations experienced a cyberattack due to unknown or unmanaged assets. These assets, often overlooked, can serve as gateways for attackers if not adequately secured. The traditional reactive approach to security no longer suffices. Instead, a strategic, proactive stance is required to stay one step ahead of potential threats. Falcon Exposure Management addresses this need head-on, enabling IT teams to discover and assess the security posture of their internet-exposed assets continuously.

The Value of Falcon Exposure Management

Falcon Exposure Management revolutionizes how organizations protect their digital boundaries. It’s an AI-native platform that proactively reduces risk by shutting down adversary opportunities across your entire attack surface. 


Key to Falcon Exposure Management’s approach is its ability to offer a complete attack surface visibility. It actively discovers and identifies all assets, including endpoints, IoT/OT devices, workloads, accounts, and applications, across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. This comprehensive visibility is paired with AI-powered vulnerability management, which significantly reduces vulnerability noise by 95%, lowers the external attack surface by 75%, and saves organizations over $600,000 over three years. By focusing on the adversaries and their tactics, Falcon Exposure Management shifts the paradigm from reactive to proactive security, ensuring that organizations are always a step ahead of potential threats​​​​.


Getting Started

To unpack your internet facing assets, select the “Exposure Management” tab from within the Falcon UI menu.

You will also notice that there are many dropdowns which focus on additional Falcon Exposure Management capabilities such as asset management, vulnerability, and configuration assessments. 


  • Assets:
  • Vulnerability Management:
  • Configuration Assessments:


External Attack Surface

From the “Exposure Management tab, select External Attack Surface.

By discovering over 185 million new exposed assets a week, this single pane of glass unlocks a risk score of your assets,critical open issues, and exposed services across your ecosystem including subsidiaries and cloud providers.


Click the Filters button on the top right of the page. Within the Issue Types dropdown lets highlight critical services that are discoverable, nearly expired TLS/SSL certificates, and any neglected services.Then click Apply.

Select the Total IPs tile.  

Mitigation Playbook

By selecting an IP from this inventory list, your proactivity is propelled due to a coinciding mitigation playbook. This playbook delivers details such as access complexity, Potential Threats, vulnerabilities, and remediation steps. 


Select a site located under the References section. 

For every mitigation playbook, vendor references are offered to help navigate the present vulnerability and validate its characteristics. 


Falcon Exposure Management is designed to provide a complete picture of your external attack surface. In conjunction with the powerful falcon platform, you are supercharged with a 360 degree view into outside-in and inside-out risks.


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