Brian Kelly, CSO of Rackspace, Shares Why He Chose CrowdStrike

When you’re in charge of protecting not only your company’s critical business information, but also that of your company’s customers, there’s no option for a security breach. Brian Kelly, Chief Security Officer of Rackspace, one of the leading managed cloud service providers carries that very responsibility with him all day, every day. Knowing that he and his staff, couldn’t go it alone in this day and age with the increasing sophistication and volume of attacks, Brian turned to CrowdStrike to see how its cybersecurity offerings could amplify his team and provide robust and resilient protection to his customers’ data.

In the video below, Brian outlines the critical decision points that made CrowdStrike a great fit for Rackspace. In short, CrowdStrike provides Brian and his team with an ideal combination of cybersecurity talent, industry-defining thought leadership, technology, and partnership that amplifies his team’s capabilities so that his networks and those of his customers are never left vulnerable. So impressed with CrowdStrike’s value proposition, ability to execute, and team, Rackspace has invested in the company.

To learn more about what Brian values about the CrowdStrike approach to cybersecurity, click the play button above.

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