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CrowdStrike Expands Zero Trust Support to macOS and Linux for Cross-Platform Protection; Grows Partner Integrations to Accelerate Customers’ Zero Trust Journey

CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA helps organizations maintain a holistic cybersecurity approach to protect data and users from supply chain attacks, ransomware and wormable exploits

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Jan. 13, 2022 – CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRWD), a leader in cloud-delivered protection of endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data, today announced the availability of CrowdStrike Falcon® Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA)  support for macOS and Linux platforms, extending comprehensive protection with an identity and data-centric approach across all platforms. Additionally, CrowdStrike announced new Zero Trust partner integrations with Airgap, Appgate, CyberArk, TruU and Twingate, all of whom will leverage CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA to help joint customers reduce their attack surface and simplify, empower and accelerate their Zero Trust journey. These partner integrations expand the CrowdStrike Zero Trust partner ecosystem which includes Akamai, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Netskope, Okta and Zscaler.

CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA expands Zero Trust beyond authentication to enable detection, alerting and enforcement of risk-based access policies driven by device health and compliance checks. With the new support of macOS and Linux, CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA provides visibility into all endpoints running across all operating platforms in an organization. CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA monitors over 120 unique endpoint settings – including sensor health, applied CrowdStrike policies and native operating system (OS) security settings – to deliver key partners a risk score that uniquely leverages this context to build powerful and granular security policies.  Customers receive actionable reports via the CrowdStrike Falcon® console and APIs to ensure that the highest degree of device security is enforced.

“Companies recognize the importance of Zero Trust but struggle to successfully implement it broadly across heterogeneous environments while leveraging existing security investments. We see an enormous opportunity in sharing endpoint risk context automatically and in real-time with partners to eliminate manual workflows, reduce friction and maintain a holistic cybersecurity approach with solutions that meet their unique needs,” said Amol Kulkarni, chief product officer at CrowdStrike. “Leveraging the power of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform with additional OS support, customers can simplify their Zero Trust implementation across their footprint.”

CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA works with best-of-breed platforms to provide customers a broad range of options that tightly integrate with their existing security stack, ensuring continuous and dynamic device-posture assessment regardless of location, network and user. The latest partner integrations with CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA are available natively within the partner products to streamline operations and simplify management:  

  • Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp Enterprise to provide real-time protection from untrusted or compromised hosts. This integration allows access policies and access decisions based on posture assessment, delivering comprehensive protection to data, applications and cloud resources, reducing risk for organizations and users. 
  • Netskope to exchange threat telemetry, including IOCs, between cloud and endpoints and bolster malware detection with increased real-time, actionable threat forensics.
  • Okta to unify insights from user and device posture to evaluate login risks and provide teams real-time visibility to make reliable access decisions. 

The continued expansion of the CrowdStrike Zero Trust partner ecosystem delivers seamless integrations that reduce complexity and exposure by providing customers the flexibility to better set alerts or block access to data at the device, IP or application level as well as the ability to manage firewall policies and dynamically adapt access entitlements based on threat scoring.

Partner quotes

Airgap Networks – “Airgap’s integration with CrowdStrike Falcon® Zero Trust Assessment score enables a metric-driven and context aware access policy control before allowing access to sensitive assets,” said Ritesh Agrawal, chief executive officer, Airgap Networks. “This joint solution proactively reduces the enterprise attack surface and stops lateral threat movement by autonomously triggering Ransomware Kill Switch™.”

Appgate – “Organizations deploying a Zero Trust security architecture need full visibility into their risk environment, even as it continuously evolves,” said Barry Field, chief executive officer, Appgate. “Appgate SDP works with CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA to dynamically assess user, device and workload risk postures not only at the time of authentication but throughout each user interaction. If a change is detected, rich policy controls restrict or deny access, preventing lateral movement by an attacker or inside threat. We are thrilled to work with CrowdStrike to provide our customers with solutions that accelerate their Zero Trust journeys while minimizing risk.”

CyberArk – ​​“Identity Security controls, centered on privilege, lay the foundation for an effective Zero Trust model, while working to ensure that all human and machine identities are always given the least amount of privilege possible, and are continuously verified based on risk,” said Clarence Hinton, chief strategy officer and head of corporate development, CyberArk. “Actively engaging with the CrowdStrike Zero Trust partner ecosystem means that CyberArk customers gain additional options to rapidly reduce risk and maximize existing security investments in order to execute on their identity-led Zero Trust strategies with confidence.”

TruU – “Many of our customers have embarked on the journey to establish a Zero Trust enterprise,” said Lucas Budman, founder and chief executive officer of TruU. “Our TruIdentity Cloud instantly strengthens user security based on the endpoint risk score calculated by CrowdStrike Falcon® ZTA and continuously provides identity authentication based on our ensemble of behavior models. We are excited to partner with CrowdStrike to give our customers a significantly stronger security posture and the seamless user experience for which TruU is known.”

​​Twingate – “At Twingate we are on a mission to make implementing Zero Trust principles easy, and are excited to partner with CrowdStrike and their Zero Trust Assessment solution,” says Tony Huie, chief executive officer and co-founder of Twingate. “We see the combination of Twingate and CrowdStrike enabling our mutual customers to more easily improve security and thwart unauthorized access by deeply integrating CrowdStrike’s device trust capabilities with Twingate’s access controls for any resource, on any device, wherever employees are working.”

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