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CrowdStrike Falcon for Public Sector FAQ

Why is CrowdStrike the right solution for public sector enterprises?

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform provides comprehensive next-gen endpoint protection that easily scales to meet the IT infrastructure requirements of the public sector. Executive Order 13800 requires enterprises to develop resilient IT architectures regardless of whether they are operating on-premises or hybrid cloud environments. As a SaaS solution, Falcon deploys across all endpoints, leveraging the power of the Falcon platform’s five solutions to protect your endpoints regardless of their location.

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What is the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform?

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform is the only cloud-delivered endpoint protection solution that unifies IT hygiene, next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed threat hunting, and threat intelligence — all enabled via a single lightweight agent. Using its purpose-built, cloud-native architecture, the Falcon platform collects and analyzes more than 60 billion endpoint events per day from millions of agents in over 170 countries.

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Where can I deploy CrowdStrike Falcon?

As a SaaS solution, CrowdStrike Falcon deploys on an endpoint in seconds with zero reboots or endpoint performance impact. Falcon scales across your enterprise’s endpoints and data environments – whether on-premises, virtual, or hybrid cloud – and operates on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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Can I deploy CrowdStrike if I have an endpoint security solution in use?

Yes, CrowdStrike Falcon can either replace or complement your existing endpoint security tools. The Falcon platform has an extensive API offering that allows for integration with your existing tools. This enables you to leverage your existing investments and design an architecture that meets your specialized requirements.

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What compliance certifications does CrowdStrike Falcon assist with?

CrowdStrike is compliant with: FedRAMP, Impact Level Moderate; NIST SP 800-53 REV. 4; PCI; PCI DSS c3.2; HIPAA; NSA-CIRA; and SOC 2.

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How does Crowdstrike provide cost savings for my enterprise?

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform provides cost savings to public sector organizations by streamlining security tools, increasing visibility, and improving hygiene to satisfy mission requirements. Moreover, by protecting against (and blocking) malware and fileless attacks, Falcon stops the breach, potentially saving enterprises millions in consultation fees, brand damage and intellectual property exfiltration.

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How does CrowdStrike reduce risk for my enterprise?

CrowdStrike reduces risk for public sector enterprises by providing the industry’s best endpoint protection solution, as well as unprecedented real-time and historical visibility into who and what is on your networks. CrowdStrike offers next-generation antivirus that proactively prevents malware and fileless attacks. In addition, Falcon provides a single management console for IT hygiene, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and proactive hunting solutions, enabling a streamlined solution that stops breaches and protects your enterprise.


CrowdStrike reduces risk for the public sector by going “beyond malware” to protect against all attack types. Falcon Discover’s hygiene-first approach establishes a secure foundation by delivering instant visibility into your endpoint environment. CrowdStrike’s endpoint protection solution spans prevention, detection, and response — stopping commodity and sophisticated malware and fileless attacks. The Falcon OverWatch™ managed hunting service provides 24×7 hunting that proactively spots and stops incidents before they become a breach. These solutions leverage CrowdStrike’s government-grade threat intelligence, which enables your enterprise to strategically position against and anticipate attacks. Each of these solutions is enabled via the same Falcon agent and unified management console, reducing risk and most importantly, stopping the breach.

How does CrowdStrike scale for my organization?

As a SaaS solution, CrowdStrike Falcon can scale for rapid deployment across all endpoints in your organization in any environment. The Falcon agent is extremely lightweight compared to agents used by legacy security providers, allowing for fast, “frictionless” deployment, and automatically updating with minimal impact on your endpoints.

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How does CrowdStrike help my organization mitigate, respond to and recover from threats?

Mitigate:  Falcon endpoint protection employs next-gen antivirus with enhanced machine learning and behavioral prevention capabilities, to stop malware and fileless attacks from infiltrating your environment. OverWatch, CrowdStrike’s managed threat hunting service, proactively hunts for advanced threats in your environment on a 24×7 basis.

Respond and Recover: CrowdStrike offers best-in-class proactive and incident response (IR) services, and Falcon Insight™ EDR capabilities, so organizations can improve their ability to anticipate threats, prepare their networks, and ultimately respond to and stop breaches. Falcon also helps contain potentially compromised endpoints.

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Which public sector enterprises have deployed CrowdStrike Falcon?

The Falcon platform has been deployed in a variety of public sector enterprise verticals including: the federal government, higher education, state and local governments, healthcare, and political organizations.

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Where can I learn more about CrowdStrike Falcon?

Please see the CrowdStrike Falcon FAQ page to learn more about next-generation endpoint protection, and learn how Falcon helps public sector enterprises modernize their endpoint security.

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