Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

CrowdStrike Falcon® provides complete, effective and easy-to-use endpoint protection for healthcare organizations around the world.

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CrowdStrike protects healthcare systems from cyberattacks, so you can focus on delivering quality patient care.

  • Together, the world must adapt to the new normal

    CrowdStrike provides scalable cloud-native products and complete turnkey services to help you now. We protect endpoints from any location, on-and-off your network. The cloud-native Falcon platform combines threat intelligence, and response services to seamlessly support your rapid transition to a remote workforce, and telemedicine.

  • Provides rapid streamlined deployment for faster time-to-value

    The Falcon platform deploys in hours, not weeks or months. The lightweight Falcon agent doesn’t require a reboot to install, and goes to work immediately, ensuring continuity of care without disruption.

  • Lowers costs to help you meet budget requirements

    On average, CrowdStrike customers lower their IT Security costs by 30%. The Falcon platform unifies visibility, prevention, detection and threat intelligence across Windows, Linux, Macs, mobile devices (iOS and Android), servers, virtual servers/desktops, containers and public clouds (AWS, Google and Azure).


  • Assist in conforming to HITRUST and HIPAA requirements.
  • Rapidly demonstrate adherence to common compliance frameworks.
  • Achieve a new standard in healthcare cybersecurity through the 1-10-60 security posture.
  • Reduce risk against an ever-evolving threat landscape.
  • Protect valuable patient healthcare data from breaches.
  • Galvanize your healthcare operations against disruptive cyberattacks (i.e. ransomware).


Whether your infrastructure is on-premise, cloud or hybrid, Falcon deploys in seconds and is operational with zero down-time, reboots or scan storms.

  • VDI provides security for the most tightly constrained resources.
  • Secure IOT and medical devices through falcon network as a service.
  • Granular visibility and continuous monitoring of healthcare infrastructure.
  • “Discover” your connected devices and workloads and understand their security posture — trust nothing.
  • Shine a “Spotlight” on risks and vulnerable assets.
  • Offers a "Complete" way to overcome a human firewall (managed triage, hunting and remediation).

Healthcare Organizations Trust CrowdStrike

3.1 Trillion+ Cyber Events

The CrowdStrike Threat Graph® collects high-fidelity telemetry from millions of endpoints around the globe, enriches them with threat intelligence and indexes them for quick and efficient access.

53+ Healthcare Adversaries

CrowdStrike Intelligence gathers data on the sophisticated threat actors who regularly set their sights on the healthcare industry and the tactics they use to conduct attacks.

165 Million+ Indicators

The massive amount of threat data CrowdStrike collects and analyzes provides the full context of threats, including the tactics, techniques and procedures attackers are using to target healthcare organizations.

100+ Healthcare Customers

Healthcare organizations across the globe trust CrowdStrike to stop breaches and keep their data safe.

1 Million+ Healthcare Endpoints

CrowdStrike safeguards over one million healthcare endpoints and counting across the U.S.

CrowdStrike Customers



The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform is flexible and extensible with endpoint security modules designed to protect against today’s sophisticated threats. The following are the solutions most widely used by CrowdStrike federal customers:

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CrowdStrike has the expertise and resources to help you prepare, prevent and respond to attacks. Browse the Services portfolio of incident response and proactive services ranging from strategic advisory service to technical assessment services:

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