CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Stop breaches from code to cloud

See and secure everything across your clouds, your applications, and your data.

Your cloud battlefield changes every day

Can you see and secure all your threats?

  • Multi and hybrid clouds add complexity and reduce visibility

    Hybrid cloud providers combined with containerized and serverless architectures increase risk.

  • Cloud applications and APIs are the new attack surface

    CI/CD pipelines introduce hundreds of code changes per day, expanding the attack surface and risk of supply chain vulnerabilities being introduced into cloud environments.

  • Cloud data exposure creates business risk

    Sensitive data exposed in the cloud can create severe consequences for your organization.

    Modern cloud security
    that stops breaches

    Falcon Cloud Security is the industry’s only unified agent and agentless platform for complete code to cloud protection.

    Redefining modern cloud security

    The most complete code to cloud visibility

    Eliminate blind spots by mapping all your cloud infrastructure, workloads, applications, APIs, data, and third-party dependencies.

    Business threat context

    Only CrowdStrike gives teams a business lens so they know the criticality of every attack surface, vulnerability, and threat.

    Automate risk prioritization with AI

    Go beyond CVSS and basic vulnerability metrics. Understand and prioritize threats that are business-critical, exploitable, and sensitive to customer data.

    Real-time runtime protection that stops breaches

    Powered by CrowdStrike’s revolutionary unified agent, Falcon Cloud Security doesn’t just alert you to cloud-based threats, it prevents them in real time.

    Elite threat hunting & intelligence

    Leverage our elite team of threat hunters and threat intel experts to understand, detect, and thwart adversaries in the cloud. With intel on over 230 threat actors, you’ll learn about their toolS, tactics, and how to respond.

    CrowdStrike — the CDR pioneer

    Accelerate the mean time to respond by 89% with leading cloud detection and response (CDR) that unifies world-class threat intelligence and elite 24/7 managed services with a unified cloud security platform to stop breaches.

    Forrester names CrowdStrike a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Workload Security, Q1 2024

    Recognized for our advanced, strategic approach to cloud security with the highest score of all vendors in Strategy.

    Trusted by industry leaders

    Modern cloud security

    Explore our cloud security products, services, and providers.


    The most complete unified code to cloud security platform.

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    Detect every cloud misconfiguration in real-time.

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    Protect cloud identities and entitlements with total control.

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    Defend cloud workloads with unyielding threat detection and response.

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    Know your application security posture with unmatched visibility and business context.

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    Discover, classify, and protect all your cloud data.

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    Threat Hunting & Intelligence

    Disrupt cloud-based attacks with elite intelligence-led threat hunting.

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    Accelerate cloud detection and response with elite threat intelligence and 24/7 services.

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    IaC Scanning

    Secure your infrastructure at the speed of DevOps.

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    Container Security

    Scan and secure every container running in the cloud.

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    See everything that runs in your cloud applications.

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    Cloud Compliance

    Automated, efficient, and reliable cloud compliance.

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    Vulnerability Management

    Master cloud risks with AI-driven vulnerability management.

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    Relentless cloud defense that’s always on guard. Expert-driven, fast, and reliable — keep your cloud ops ahead of threats.

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    Proactive Services

    Don’t make it a fair fight. Prepare cloud defenses with an elite team — world-class experts, industry-leading tech.

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    Incident Response

    When chaos ensues, CrowdStrike responds. Restore order after a breach with proven, world-renowned services.

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    Build on AWS, secure with CrowdStrike. Streamline workflows, protect containers, and reduce your risk.

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    Build on GCP, secure with CrowdStrike. Streamline workflows, protect containers, and reduce your risk.

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    Build on Azure, secure with CrowdStrike. Streamline workflows, protect containers, and reduce your risk.

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