CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Innovate with Google. Secure with CrowdStrike.

Focus on your business. We’ll handle security.

From siloed products to unified cloud security

Achieve the security, visibility, and DevOps flexibility you need — without the complexity.

  • See into every Google Cloud compute instance

    Gain a comprehensive view of your Google Cloud environments. CrowdStrike continuously monitors events, captures metadata, and automatically identifies all existing cloud workloads. We also integrate with over 30 Google products and services.

  • Shift-left with container security built for DevOps teams

    Secure your containers more effectively — from Docker to Kubernetes and GKE — with controls to prevent non-compliant containers from deploying. We help you secure code from the beginning using IaC scanning and image assessment at every stage of development.

  • Industry-leading cloud breach protection

    Stop breaches with our unique cloud detection and response capabilities. CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security provides the tools needed for automatic deployment and rapid remediation. Prioritize risks with unmatched technology and threat intelligence.

    See everything

    As a leading partner with Google Cloud security, we harness a decade of expertise into a single, award-winning platform that cuts through complexity to see risks and threats everywhere.

    Prioritize cloud risks

    With leading threat intelligence and our exclusive CVE scoring, Falcon Cloud Security helps you pinpoint and manage the most dangerous threats. Fix issues like misconfigurations based on the likelihood they can be used by a threat actor.

    Stop cloud breaches

    Armed with real-time intelligence and specific Google Cloud IOAs and IOMs, plus real-time data on misconfigurations and compromise, we guard against advanced adversaries targeting the cloud.

    Shift-left to prevent issues early in development

    Equip your developers with intuitive tools that help secure their work early, eliminating future costs on fixing vulnerabilities and operational downtime.

    Demo: Proactive IaC scanning to stop misconfigurations
    Demo: Proactive IaC scanning to stop misconfigurations

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