CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Your cloud.
Our expertise.

Anticipate threats. Prepare your network. Stop breaches.

Prepare your cloud

Quickly build, run, and secure cloud-native applications with confidence.

  • Understand your security posture

    Identify your cloud strengths as well as your key threats.

  • Actionable insights from cloud security experts

    Receive actionable, prioritized recommendations to prevent breaches and strengthen your security posture.

  • Withstand sophisticated attacks

    Proactively fortify your cloud’s infrastructure, transforming it into a stronghold against sophisticated adversaries.

    Integrated cloud threat intelligence

    From uncovering adversary motives and tactics, to predicting likely attacks, our experts leverage deep insights from cloud incident responses and CrowdStrike’s unrivaled threat intelligence to effectively mitigate risk.

    Analysis that goes far beyond image scans

    Our investigations go far beyond mere image assessments. We dive deep into the anatomy of your cloud environment, exploring and advising on how to bolster your defenses.

    Expert guidance to navigate your complex environments

    In the tangled web of multi-cloud setups, one size does not fit all. Our experts pinpoint the elusive gaps between accounts that could spell vulnerability, offering customized solutions to protect your most valuable assets.

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    Expert guidance after the breach

    Experience next-gen cloud security

    Discover how CrowdStrike’s advanced protection can secure your cloud environment. No strings, no hassle.

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