CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Innovate with Azure. Protect with CrowdStrike.

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Advanced security for every Azure workload

The security, visibility, and control you demand — without the complexity.

  • Automatically discover Azure workloads

    Unlock detailed insights into your Azure environment to secure virtual machines, mitigate risks, and minimize your attack surface.

  • Comprehensive visibility

    Get extensive visibility into Azure workloads and virtual machine metadata to ensure every event is detected and every threat is stopped.

  • Reduce complexity

    Embrace simplicity with integrated solutions that enhance your CI/CD workflows, allowing you to secure your Azure operations while maintaining peak performance.

    See everything

    Get unparalleled insights into your Azure virtual machines, identify unprotected resources, and reduce your attack surface by automatically discovering virtual machine deployments — no agent required.

    Access exhaustive metadata and continuous monitoring for visibility into all Azure workload activities, including those within containers, enabling proactive threat hunting and investigation across environments.

    Container security

    Secure your Azure containers and hosts with a single agent. Our platform offers runtime protection and granular visibility into container activities, supporting a variety of technologies and deployments.

    Runtime protection

    CrowdStrike Falcon® for Azure combines cutting-edge technology to protect workloads at their most vulnerable, integrating custom IOAs and threat intelligence for dynamic threat prevention and detailed attack context.

    Simplicity and performance

    Built for the cloud, the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform enhances Azure security with minimal operational impact, powerful API integrations, and flexible subscription models, facilitating efficient security and agile business operations.

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