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Advanced security for every AWS workload

The security, visibility, and control you need, without the complexity.

  • Secure as you deploy

    Instantly apply CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security across your AWS environment to ensure comprehensive protection as your operations expand.

  • Comprehensive AWS protection

    From initial deployment to ongoing operations, safeguard your AWS resources at every step—covering instances, containers, and managed services.

  • See your cloud. Know your cloud.

    CrowdStrike automatically discovers AWS resources as they’re deployed and pinpoints misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and elevated privileges to improve your security posture.

    Fortify, optimize, and streamline your cloud transition

    Ensure a secure, cost-effective cloud migration, boosting agility and innovation while protecting against threats.

    Deploy Falcon Cloud Security with every new AWS resource, ensuring instant, automatic, and comprehensive coverage.

    Get centralized security and visibility across segmented environments through seamless integration.

    Unified cloud security

    Get unified protection across AWS services, combining deep runtime security with pre-runtime scanning for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

    Consolidate security tools into a unified CNAPP platform, enhancing breach protection and reducing costs with streamlined operations.

    Complete cloud visibility

    With Falcon Cloud Security, every asset is revealed and assessed, pinpointing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and unnecessary or unauthorized access.

    Safeguard your microservices and understand the security risks at the application level, ensuring that your defense extends past the infrastructure to protect AWS-based applications.

    Where CrowdStrike and AWS work together

    Amazon EC2 (including AWS Graviton)
    Amazon ECS
    Amazon EKS
    AWS Fargate
    AWS Outposts
    VMware on AWS
    Amazon Workspaces
    Amazon Elastic Container Registry
    AWS Lambda
    AWS PrivateLink

    AWS Organizations
    AWS Control Tower
    AWS Systems Manager
    AWS CodePipeline
    Amazon EventBridge
    AWS Lambda
    AWS Built-in + CloudFormation

    AWS CloudTrail
    Amazon EventBridge
    AWS Security Hub
    Amazon Security Lake
    Amazon GuardDuty

    Your AWS migration made secure.
    See how CrowdStrike protects your journey.

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