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Accelerate security operations with GenAI

Work smarter, not harder. Turn hours of work into minutes, or even seconds, with a conversational AI assistant.

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From slow, manual operations to faster, smarter generative AI workflows

The Charlotte AI difference

Customer survey


faster answers to questions about your environment1

Customer survey


average savings per day by accelerating and automating security operations with GenAI1

Customer survey


faster query writing, amplifying analysts of all skill levels1

Inductive Automation reclaims the edge against adversaries with AI

Move faster than you thought possible with generative workflows

Accelerate cybersecurity and IT with generative AI workflows to save time and stop the breach. Charlotte AI democratizes operations and helps your entire team become faster, better, and smarter.

Stop the breach

Charlotte AI is built on a revolutionary multi-model architecture that’s continuously trained on trillions of daily events and world-class threat intelligence, tuned with expert-driven context and anonymized usage. Models are transparently changed and updated, optimizing the speed and accuracy of all outcomes.

Jump from headlines to timelines in seconds, extracting plain language insights on 230+ adversaries from CrowdStrike’s award-winning threat intelligence.

Get fast, actionable answers to plain-language questions to understand your environment, investigate attacks, rapidly write technical queries, or get AI-powered recommendations for reducing risk.

Take immediate action with native workflow automation to eradicate threats, including killing processes, quarantining suspicious files, or executing Real Time Response scripts on your behalf.

Charlotte AI’s multi-model architecture is trained on CrowdStrike’s high-fidelity security data, threat intelligence and expert-labeled security incidents to understand the security analyst’s questions and provide fast, accurate answers.

Charlotte AI enables analysts to understand modern adversaries and their tradecraft, summarizing the latest insights from CrowdStrike’s award-winning, ever-growing threat intelligence.

With Charlotte AI, security teams don’t have to spend cycles mastering tools and learning scripting languages, and can focus instead on asking the right questions to direct investigations and stop the breach.

Charlotte AI enables security teams to accelerate response times with workflow automation and by executing Real Time Response scripts on your behalf.

Improve everyone

Elevate all analysts — from novices to experts — to stop breaches. Close the skills gap, compress drawn-out onboarding cycles, and expedite fluency in the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

Charlotte AI enables all users – from novices to experts – to operate the Falcon platform efficiently and effectively.

Outcomes you can trust

AI shouldn’t be a black box. Get traceable, auditable insight, and enforce role-based access controls and advanced safeguards to keep your team and data protected. Avoid AI hallucinations, minimize risk, and operate with peace of mind.

Users can inspect underlying source data for all Charlotte AI answers.

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1 Results based on a survey of Charlotte AI early adopters. Individual results may vary.