Detecting and Stopping Data Loss in the Generative AI Era

Though GenAI is a powerful productivity tool, organizations risk losing sensitive data due to accidental exposure or malicious data leakage. Marketing, sales, product and service development teams are the teams that most commonly use GenAI in organizations. While organizations can train their employees in using GenAI responsibly — they should also strategize on enforcing security controls and conducting periodic assessments of data egressing the organization.

CrowdStrike Falcon® Data Protection, a module of the industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, takes a modern approach to securing your enterprise data from adversaries. Falcon Data Protection adds the much-needed context to content, automatically connecting the dots across who, what, how, why and where in a single console. This capability, which empowers enterprises to prevent data theft in the GenAI era, is missing from legacy DLP solutions.

Download this white paper to understand how you can move away from content-centric DLP solutions, reduce deployment and operational complexity, and improve the user experience, while confidently empowering your employees to leverage Gen AI without the risk of losing sensitive data.


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For technical information on installation, policy configuration and more, please visit the CrowdStrike Tech Center.

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