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World-renowned services to prepare, respond, and recover from breaches.

From costly, slow response to efficient recovery

CrowdStrike research


reduction in recovery time1

CrowdStrike research


reduction in recovery costs1

CrowdStrike research


billable hours combatting nation-state adversaries each year creates unrivaled expertise across all delivered services1

Hands-on guidance with 24/7/365 response from the team that never sleeps

Always-on support prepares, matures, and fortifies all facets of your security program. If the worst happens — we’re there to stop the breach.

Key capabilities of CrowdStrike Professional Services

Incident response

Boot adversaries from the environment with speed and precision to end the breach. Contain, investigate, and eliminate the threat. Our successful response to the most high-stakes breaches of the last decade means we’re prepared for anything.

Undo the impact of the intrusion by bringing infiltrated systems back online surgically and assure a clean-slate through forensic capture. Rebuild and restore impacted systems to tangibly reduce downtime with CrowdStrike.

Get the answers you need, fast. Our experts make quick, and thorough assessments to detect a previous or current breach, and minimize further damage.

Consulting Services

Test and exercise response processes, prepare for SEC requirements, and mature your security program to a fortified state.

Respond to a systemic cloud breach and remove an adversary with widespread access. Proactively secure your cloud estate and identities against misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Simulate a realistic intrusion to gauge readiness and understand the true capabilities of your team against a constantly improving adversary. CrowdStrike’s expansive intelligence and IR expertise creates the most realistic intrusion simulation available.

Reduce your risk and reinforce your environment. Pinpoint your vulnerabilities, and proactively address those gaps before a breach occurs.

Platform services

CrowdStrike experts deploy, configure and fully operationalize the Falcon Platform to a weaponized state, finely tuned around your environment, datasets and objectives.

Invest in your team’s expertise and master the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform in CrowdStrike University. CrowdStrike courses provide the foundation for your team to fully utilize the Falcon platform for optimal security outcomes.

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Gauge readiness, demystify materiality and become SEC ready with CrowdStrike Services.

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A leading offering. A leading strategy.

Named a Leader in the 2024 Forrester Wave for Cybersecurity Incident Response Services. In our opinion, we are the leading security services provider.

Expanded reach through vetted partnerships

  • Restoration & Ransomware Recovery

    Reduce breach costs by restoring the systems, data and infrastructure impacted by an embedded ransomware attack.

  • Security Preparedness & Response

    We are laser-focused on preparation for and response to a sophisticated adversary. Trusted partnerships deliver services in complementary areas of IR planning and preparation to a superior level of quality.

  • Law Firms &

    We quickly deploy for privileged IR cases due to our pre-coordination with law firms and cyber insurers, which makes for more efficient IR and reduces breach costs for the insureds.

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