Partner Services

CrowdStrike Services has established an ecosystem of trusted partners to supplement our expertise and capacity in key areas of cybersecurity.

Partner Services

CrowdStrike Partners

Partner delivered services are available under a
CrowdStrike Services Retainer

Dragos is a leader in industrial cybersecurity, combining an advanced technology platform with expert intelligence and services.

Trimarc is a services company on a mission to help organizations better secure their critical IT infrastructure.

Conversant Group is changing the IT services paradigm with a relentless focus on “Secure First” services and consulting.

Echelon Risk + Cyber is a cybersecurity professional services firm built on the belief that privacy and security are basic human rights.


ICS/OT Architecture Review

Understand the security posture of your Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT). Review your detection and protection capabilities and receive tactical and strategic recommendations to mature your organization’s ICS/OT security program.


Security Assessments

Trimarc security assessments review and uncover potential security issues and provide recommendations that customers can implement more quickly to improve their system security posture.

Conversant Group

Ransomware Backup and Recoverability Assessment

Understand if your backups will survive a ransomware attack based on the latest threat actor behaviors. Conversant Group will shoulder-surf your technical controls and configurations resulting in a detailed action plan including budget and scope for remediation and improved resiliency.

Echelon Risk + Cyber

Security Services

Echelon delivers a range of cybersecurity services including incident response plans / playbooks and pen testing services that are tailored to the unique needs of your organization. These services account for the types of cybersecurity incidents and events your organization is likely to encounter.