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Prevent Attacks - Both Malware and Malware-Free - that Your Existing Security Tools Can’t Stop

Only CrowdStrike offers you proactive and continuous protection against everyday threats, as well as sophisticated attacks that are undetectable and invisible to traditional malware-centric defenses. Using powerful graph analytics and correlating billions of events, the CrowdStrike Threat Graph™ is the brain that powers our next-generation AV prevention capabilities and is constantly working behind the scenes to detect the undetectable.


Indicator of Attack behavioral blocking with deep process inspection

Exploit mitigation technology preventing against zero-day exploitation

Cloud based Machine learning on file feature and behavioral actions to identify unknown threats

Blocks “known bad” malware

5-Second Visibility to Discover and Investigate Current and Historic Endpoint Activity

CrowdStrike’s unique lightweight sensor and Cloud architecture ensures complete and detailed oversight of everything that is happening on your endpoints in real time, providing you with a complete and searchable forensic record of endpoint events.


One-click visibility into current and historic endpoint activity across your entire environment

Full cloud recall of events without scanning

Continuous monitoring across all major platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

Easily Integrates with existing security architecture via CrowdStrike Falcon API

Lower Cost and Higher Performance with Cloud Delivery

CrowdStrike’s unique Cloud architecture — the only 100% Cloud-delivered next-generation endpoint security solution — reduces cost while adding the speed, efficacy and scalability to meet the needs of your organization.


Native Cloud architecture for zero hardware, software and maintenance costs

Deploy 100,000+ endpoints in hours, not months

Protection where your users are — on or off the corporate network

Reduce Complexity via a Single Agent and Increase Endpoint Performance

CrowdStrike consolidates a full range of security functionality into one integrated solution.

Return resources to your security team by eliminating time-consuming endpoint management while enhancing system performance through deployment of a single, lightweight agent.


Replace multiple agents and management consoles with a single interface that obviates the need for separate whitelisting, Micro VM, machine learning AV, exploit mitigation, virtual detonation, HIPS, IOC sweeping, containment and forensics agents.

Reclaim lost performance from a patchwork of agents bogging down your endpoints

Hunt Proactively for Adversaries with Integrated 24/7 Managed Hunting

To defeat a sophisticated adversary, you need technology, expertise and intelligence. Falcon Overwatch is a global operation center staffed around the clock by an elite group of cyber intrusion detection analysts and investigators.


Augment your existing security resources

Prioritize endpoint activity that indicates an active attack in your environment

Work side-by side with your security team, with a common purpose: to stop breaches

Integrated Threat Intelligence, Incident Response (IR) Services

Only CrowdStrike integrated in-house services teams provide best-in-class threat intelligence, along with comprehensive pre- and post-incident response (IR) services — available 24/7 to support you before, during or after a breach occurs. Together these highly skilled service teams deliver the capability you need to defend against and respond to security incidents, preventing breaches and optimizing your speed to remediation.


Threat Intelligence reports and API feeds to meet your needs

Strategic analysis of threat actors to prioritize alerts

Contextual analysis — the “who, what and why” — so you and your executives can better understand and respond to attacks

Post-incident response services deploy within minutes — reducing time to remediation

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What People Are Saying About Us

Mike Burgess, CISO

"CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint technology is providing a unique value to Telstra in its ability to detect and stop zero day exploits and malware attacks, along with hacker activity, which go undetected by legacy security technologies."

David Giambruno, CIO

"CrowdStrike Falcon is not just a malware stopper. It’s a stopper – period."

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Brian Kelly, CSO

"Preventing the most sophisticated attacks, this is where CrowdStrike shines. CrowdStrike gets it right every time."

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Pete Murphy, CIO

"CrowdStrike gives us protection and visibility into threats that we had no idea were there."

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Dr. John Hamre, President & CEO
Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense

"CrowdStrike’s technology has proven to be a valuable resource to our IT team. As someone who has worked on information security issues throughout my career, I understand how important maintaining internet security is to every organization."


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