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Quickly deploy industry-leading cybersecurity protection in just a few clicks.


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Cybersecurity should just work. CrowdStrike Falcon® Go offers award-winning, AI-powered cybersecurity that’s purpose-built for small and medium businesses. With just a few simple clicks, users of all skill levels can quickly and easily deploy industry-leading protection.

For small businesses, cyberattacks can be devastating. Are you ready?


of small and mid-sized businesses have experienced at least one cyberattack1


of small businesses
face ransomware and advanced threats2


of attacks happen after hours or during the weekend3

Cybersecurity that protects you. So you can focus on your business.
  • Ransomware protection that’s proven and tested
    The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform achieved 100% ransomware prevention in independent testing by SE labs. Don’t trust legacy antivirus to keep up with modern threats.
  • Quickly install with just a few clicks
    Instantly download and install to begin preventing threats. CrowdStrike provides immediate value and immediate protection with step-by-step guidance along the way.
  • Easy to use, easy to manage
    Designed for users of all skill levels. Easily manage all protected devices and add new ones as needed.

Tailored and affordable protection for small business

Don't sacrifice your security because of a lack of resources. Our plans provide affordable, world-class protection so you can rest easy.

Falcon Go


Modern, AI-powered cybersecurity designed to protect small businesses from threats like ransomware. Purchase, install, and use in minutes, regardless of your technical skill level.

What you get:

  • Next-gen antivirus
  • Device control
  • Express support

Falcon Complete

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Fully managed service providing 24/7 expertise to handle everything from deployment to actively stopping threats.

What you get:

  • Global, always-on managed operations
  • Integrated threat intelligence
  • 24/7 proactive threat hunting
  • Surgical, end-to-end response

Tested and trusted

Why CrowdStrike? Hear what our customers, partners, and industry experts have to say.

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23,000+ customers trust CrowdStrike to protect what matters most across millions of devices

Once set up, CrowdStrike is much easier to maintain and generates far fewer false positives than prior solutions.
  • David Pramanik
  • IT Director, HRP Associates, Inc.
Before, we had multiple solutions to cover servers, workstations, and Mac devices which was hard to train, hard to license, and hard to manage for the IT staff. With CrowdStrike, one individual can manage all of them as a small portion of his normal tasks.
  • Nathan Anderson
  • IT Manager, Pegasus Solutions, Inc.
CrowdStrike eliminated the need to manually watch over the console and allowed us to move our focus elsewhere.
  • James Huaman
  • Chief Technology Officer, BrightStar Credit Union
Our team can focus on other issues such as updating and improving the end user experience. The Falcon Complete product and team provides the confidence we need to know that threats to our environment are being detected and prevented 24/7.
  • System Administrator
  • Small Business Computer Software Company

Frequently asked questions

Why is cybersecurity important for small businesses?

You might think as a small business you’re less likely to be targeted by a cyberattack. But the reality is, 60% of small and mid-sized businesses have experienced at least one cyberattack. Many small and medium businesses still rely on outdated antivirus tools, but these legacy offerings can’t keep up with modern attacks that continue to escalate in volume and sophistication. CrowdStrike delivers best-in-class protection from the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

What’s the difference between legacy antivirus and next-generation antivirus (NGAV)?

Legacy antivirus relies on obsolete signatures that can only stop threats they already know about. But signatures don’t exist yet for never-before-seen attacks, so you’re left unprotected when new threats emerge. NGAV, however, protects against both known and unknown threats. NGAV leverages modern technologies like machine learning, behavioral detection, and AI to detect malicious activity. The result is a product that’s easier to use and better at stopping whatever cyberthreats come your way. Learn more about legacy antivirus and NGAV

Do I have to install and manage the product myself or can CrowdStrike do it for me?

CrowdStrike gives you options so the choice is yours. You can either install and manage the CrowdStrike® Falcon platform yourself with Falcon Go, or you can opt for CrowdStrike Falcon® Complete, which is a fully managed service with world-class experts available 24/7/365 to deploy, manage, and actively stop incoming threats for you so you can focus on your business.

What is included in CrowdStrike’s small business offerings?

Falcon Go is a modern, AI-powered cybersecurity offering purpose-built for small businesses. It’s designed to be easy to purchase, install, and operate. Out-of-the-box, Falcon Go includes both NGAV for preventing advanced threats as well as USB device control for full visibility into files transferred to USB devices to head off potential data theft.

1. 60% of SMBs experienced a cyberattack, Security Magazine
2. SMB Cybersecurity: How Small Businesses Solve Big Challenges
3. Most ransomware attacks take place during the night or over the weekend, ZDNet
* All prices listed are in US Dollars. Only available for annual billing of Falcon Go up to a maximum of 100 endpoints. Subscription will automatically renew one year from the date of purchase unless you cancel.