CrowdCast Series
Unstoppable Innovations:
From Red-Hot Releases to Future Roadmap

Breakthrough Innovations to
Stop Adversaries from Breaking In

As today’s threats grow more sophisticated and the velocity of attacks increase, modern attacks
demand a modern approach to cyberdefense.

The CrowdStrike 2024 Global Threat Report highlighted rising trends that include record breakout times,
a spike in cloud threats, and new risks created by adversarial AI.


newly named adversaries in 20231

2 min 7 sec

— the fastest recorded eCrime breakout time1


increase in cloud intrusions1

Accelerate. Innovate. Consolidate.

Join CrowdStrike experts for a three-part series to learn about the latest innovations that enhance the power of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon® cybersecurity platform.

See live demos, ask questions, and hear from customers who are using the Falcon platform to address critical use cases
to beat adversaries and stop breaches.

Session #1: Accelerate

Transforming Security Operations with Generative AI

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Adversaries are continuously reaching new levels of speed and sophistication, with the fastest breakout time in 2023 clocked at just over 2 minutes. Join us to hear Jason Waits, CISO of Inductive Automation, a CrowdStrike customer, share how Charlotte AI, CrowdStrike’s conversational AI assistant, enables his team to turn hours of work into just minutes or even seconds. Learn how Charlotte AI elevates every user into a power user of the Falcon platform, helping security teams stop modern cyberattacks.

Session #2: Innovate

Unifying Security, IT Operations and Data Protection with State of-the-Art Defenses

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Many organizations are struggling to keep pace in the modern threat landscape. Hindered by disjointed point products, siloed teams, and inconsistent data protection policies, defenders face adversaries who exploit these gaps with impunity. Through a series of live demos, discover the newest cutting-edge innovations in the AI-powered Falcon platform, which revolutionizes protection by unifying and disrupting legacy approaches across IT, security and data protection.

Session #3: Consolidate

Revolutionizing Cloud Security with the Industry's Most Complete CNAPP

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Cloud-conscious adversaries are relentlessly targeting the cloud and using increasingly sophisticated TTPs. CrowdStrike has introduced several enhancements to CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security, including improved pre-runtime and runtime detections, enhanced application risk scoring, dynamic application inventory filtering, and more. Join our expert product team as they take you through these developments and get an inside look at how each feature works to protect you against adversaries targeting the cloud.

The future of cybersecurity starts here.

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1CrowdStrike 2024 Global Threat Report