CrowdStrike® Charlotte AI
Accelerate your security
operations with conversational AI

Work smarter, not harder. Compress hours of work into minutes, or even seconds, with a purpose-built AI assistant.

How will generative AI transform cybersecurity in 2024?

Breaches take minutes, not hours

Adversaries move fast. Security teams need to move faster. Customers report Charlotte AI on average helps teams:

Make faster decisions

Complete security tasks up to
75% faster.

Track emerging intelligence

Absorb thousands of pages of threat intelligence in seconds, reduce analyst workload, and improve efficiency.

Ask like a pro

Write technical queries 57% faster, even if you’re new to cybersecurity. Empower your entire team to contribute to investigations.

There’s a reason we have playbooks and proactively write everything down. I've been in the trenches and seen people freeze in an incident, completely blanking on how to write a query. Being able to use plain language can be very useful in these moments.
  • — Jason Waits, CISO
  • @ Inductive Automation
I’m in there at least weekly because I’m talking to my senior leadership weekly. They’ll come with asks and I go there first [Charlotte AI] to make my life easier before I go look for it elsewhere…
  • — Marcus Liberto, Sr. Manager of Distributed Compute
  • @ US-based biotechnology company
With Charlotte AI, our ability to generate analysis and executive reporting will be much quicker in the future. Charlotte AI also helps us identify the latest trends within our environment and keep up with industry information as it becomes available.
  • — Karine Thibault, VP Cybersecurity
  • @ Roper Technologies

Our unique approach

A purpose-built AI assistant for modern defenders. Reduce training costs and empower your whole team.

Instant answers
Elevate all users
Outcomes you can trust

Get instant answers to pressing questions

No more digging through manuals. Ask Charlotte AI anything and get fast, accurate and actionable answers. Minimize investigation time and improve your team’s productivity.

Elevate all Falcon platform users, from novices to experts

Ask Charlotte AI questions in plain language, and get intuitive answers back. Close the skills gap, skip drawn-out onboarding and training cycles, and expedite fluency in the Falcon platform.

Outcomes you can trust without compromise

AI shouldn’t be a black box. Charlotte AI only uses traceable data, role-based access controls, and advanced safeguards to keep your team and data protected. Enforce role-based access, minimize risk, and operate with peace of mind.

Ask. Answer. Act.

Watch how real security teams are working smarter with Charlotte AI. Free your time, boost your defenses, and improve your security posture.

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