CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Software bill of materials (SBOM)

See everything in your cloud applications.

Improve supply chain transparency and enhance compliance

  • Eliminate the next Log4J

    Quickly identify and address critical vulnerabilities in software libraries, ensuring rapid response to zero-day threats.

  • Regulatory compliance and risk reduction

    Ensure all deployed software libraries comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Supply chain risk management

    Get detailed insights into the origins and threats of software libraries, to manage risks in your supply chain and CI/CD pipelines.

    Software composition analysis (SCA)

    See a detailed bill of materials for every software dependency, proprietary, or open-source library that exists within your cloud applications or microservices.

    Identify exploitable vulnerabilities

    Understand what critical vulnerabilities are loaded into memory and are reachable in your applications at run-time.

    Enhanced patch management

    Efficiently manage and apply patches with a clear and simple overview of where software libraries are deployed.

    Supply chain security

    Get transparency into the origin and maintenance history of software libraries. Know the risk of every open-source dependency, and share the threat landscape across your engineering teams.

    Watch Falcon ASPM reverse-engineer an application running in the cloud

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