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  • Enhanced infrastructure security

    By scanning IaC scripts before deployment, CrowdStrike helps prevent security risks from being baked into the cloud infrastructure. This proactive approach reduces the risk of costly breaches and attacks.

  • Compliant cloud compute

    With tightening regulations, maintaining compliance is crucial for your business. CrowdStrike's IaC scanning proactively detects non-compliant configurations in cloud environments, ensuring compliance and helping you avoid hefty fines and legal issues.

  • DevOps automation

    Integration with CI/CD pipelines enables automated scanning during the development phases, ensuring that security is a built-in aspect of the development process.

    Vulnerability detection

    Scan IaC configurations to identify security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before code is deployed. Prevent potential security issues from entering production environments.

    Compliance checks

    Ensure IaC configurations comply with industry standards and regulations. Provide automated compliance checks that alert the right teams to issues, enabling quick remediation.

    Integrate with DevOps tools

    Integrate with popular DevOps and CI/CD tools, incorporating security checks directly into your development pipelines. Maintain a faster pace of development while ensuring that security is a priority.

    Real-time feedback loop

    CrowdStrike offers real-time feedback on detected issues and provides guidance for remediation. Correct problems immediately and improve your overall security posture.

    Support for multiple IaC platforms

    CrowdStrike supports a range of IaC platforms, such as Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and others, ensuring that its capabilities are adaptable to various infrastructure scripting environments.

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    Forrester names CrowdStrike a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Workload Security, Q1 2024

    Recognized for our advanced, strategic approach to cloud security with the highest score of all vendors in Strategy.

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