CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Disrupt the cloud’s toughest adversaries

24/7 AI-powered threat hunting for an unmatched cloud defense.

Expert protection across your clouds

Secure cloud environments with unified visibility and AI-powered expertise.

  • Stop cloud breaches

    Moving to the cloud brings risk and uncertainties, requiring skilled staff to manage and keep it secure. CrowdStrike Falcon® Adversary OverWatch brings the elite expertise you need to protect your entire cloud estate.

  • Secure from cloud to endpoint

    The cloud is a gateway to your entire environment. By securing the cloud, Falcon Adversary OverWatch prevents adversaries from moving laterally across the cloud estate and your endpoints.

  • See your cloud inside and out

    Adversaries are stealthy, avoiding detection to execute their attacks. With visibility into cloud control planes, our elite hunters see their every move and stop them before they can break in.

    Vigilant cloud protection

    Our platform empowers Falcon Adversary OverWatch to meticulously monitor and hunt threats across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. We hunt across containers, workloads, and infrastructure on major platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

    Context-aware indicators

    Falcon Cloud Security blends in-depth intelligence with context-aware indicators, offering unparalleled visibility into the relationships between IOCs, cloud workloads, and adversaries across an extensive real-time threat landscape.

    Native intelligence for faster decisions

    With unmatched threat intelligence on over 230 adversaries, from nation-states to hacktivists, you’ll know who you’re up against and how to respond to keep your organization secure.

    Intelligence-led threat hunting

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