CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Vulnerability IQ for the cloud

Use AI to automate the detection, prioritization, and remediation of threats.

Fix what matters in the cloud

Quickly identify and resolve cloud vulnerabilities with contextual insights, without the scanning hassles.

  • Always on. Zero scanning.

    The Falcon platform ensures relentless vulnerability management, targeting critical risks without scanning. Collect data once and eliminate scanning overhead and credential juggling.

  • Adversary-informed risk prioritization

    Strategically prioritize remediation by assessing contextual risk and focus on exposed resources or high-impact targets. Rich intelligence links vulnerabilities to potential adversaries, enabling proactive measures to anticipate and thwart threats.

  • Faster, simpler cloud security operations

    Simplify how you manage vulnerabilities. Custom dashboards and filters let you zero in on pressing issues, share knowledge, and set fast tracks for fixing problems, making every minute count.

    Control and limit your attack surface

    Falcon Cloud Security unveils vulnerabilities across your clouds and workloads. Gain rich context into applications, accounts, and systems, while ensuring 24-hour threat detection for effective safeguarding of digital assets.

    Remediate based on real-time AI-powered prioritization

    Go beyond scores to pinpoint real threats. Close points of compromise, predict lateral movement with advanced attack path mapping, and reduce alert fatigue by correlating intelligence feeds and multiple risk factors.

    Respond with a unified platform

    Coordinate response actions swiftly using adversary intelligence and integrated ticketing. Halt active threats with automated, unified response via CrowdStrike Falcon® Fusion SOAR and real-time actions.

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