CrowdStrike Falcon® Next-Gen SIEM

The definitive
AI-native SOC platform

Stop breaches with unprecedented speed by unifying first and third-party data, native threat intelligence, AI, and workflow automation, all in one platform.

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Transform your SOC. Respond faster. Stop breaches.

Stop the breach and respond in seconds with the world’s most complete AI-native SOC platform. CrowdStrike replaces legacy SIEMs with a modern security analyst experience delivered through a single console, with all critical data and threat intelligence already integrated into the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

From costly, complex, and slow legacy SIEMs to a unified, modern SOC

The Falcon Next-Gen SIEM difference

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faster search to supercharge investigations and hunting1

Third-party test


scalability to log everything in real-time2

Customer assessment


savings over three years versus legacy SIEM3

Hear why hipages trusts CrowdStrike to modernize their SOC

Key capabilities of Falcon Next-Gen SIEM

Detect in real time with unified data

End redundant data ingestion and deployments. The Falcon platform integrates all key data and threat intelligence from the start and extends further with effortless third-party data onboarding.

Detect sophisticated adversaries with unified, AI-powered detections across native and third-party data sources, validated by 100% coverage from MITRE testing.

Log all your IT and security data and retain it for years at up to 80% less cost than legacy SIEMs with a revolutionary index-free architecture that scales to more than one petabyte per day.

Investigate in seconds

Instantly correlate data across native and third-party sources to understand the complete path of an attack in an elegant visual graph that enables you to rapidly orient and respond.

Dramatically speed up and simplify investigations with real-time collaboration on incidents and search performance up to 150x faster than legacy SIEMs.

Harness the power of Generative AI to prioritize, enrich with threat intelligence, and summarize incidents in plain language, turning hours of work into minutes or seconds.

Make better and faster decisions by correlating incidents with context on adversaries and their tradecraft from CrowdStrike’s industry-leading threat intelligence.

Stop the breach with workflow automation

Coordinate response across your SOC, from Falcon to third-party tools, with native workflow automation powered by CrowdStrike Falcon® Fusion SOAR.

Contain fast-moving attacks, limit lateral movement, and stop breaches all through native integration with the CrowdStrike Falcon® agent, enabling our industry-leading endpoint detection and response.

Elevate the entire SOC team

  • Built for security analysts

    Speed up investigations with AI and automation

    Understand the full scope of an attack with rich context and drive workflow automation across security and IT.

  • Perfected for security engineers

    Simplify setup with all key data already in the platform

    Extend visibility and protection across all of your data with hassle-free third-party data onboarding.

  • Trusted by CISOs

    Achieve superior outcomes at a fraction of the cost

    Consolidate your SOC to stop breaches and cut complexity.

    Unlock the power of your ecosystem for complete visibility

    Easily onboard data from any source with pre-configured integrations from the expansive CrowdStrike Marketplace and CrowdStream observability pipeline — more time fighting threats, less time managing data.

    See the power of Falcon Next-Gen SIEM in under three minutes

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    1 Results are from a customer. Individual results may vary.
    2 Results are from third-party testing.
    3 These numbers are projected estimates of average benefit based on recorded metrics provided by customers during pre-sale motions that compare the value of CrowdStrike with the customer’s incumbent solution. Actual realized value will depend on individual customer’s module deployment and environment.