CrowdStrike Falcon® Counter Adversary Operations
Revolutionizing cybersecurity with threat intelligence and hunting

A first-of-its-kind team delivering solutions to stop modern breaches and raise adversaries’ cost of doing business.

See Counter Adversary Operations in action

Adversaries don’t stand a chance.
Watch how the Counter Adversary Operations team unifies our industry-leading threat intelligence and hunting teams, delivering solutions dedicated to stopping modern breaches and raising adversaries’ cost of doing business.

The problem
Adversaries are faster and more sophisticated than ever before

62 min

average eCrime breakout time, a record low1


increase in cloud intrusions1


of attacks that gained initial access were malware free1

The solution
Proactively pursue adversaries to
stop breaches

Why choose Counter Adversary Operations?

Hunt adversaries
Accelerate response
Scale your team

We hunt adversaries with cutting-edge intelligence

Our AI-powered threat hunters track attackers’ every move in real time across endpoints, cloud, and identity data, providing instant alerts, and empowering swift, decisive action.

We accelerate investigation and response time

Falcon Adversary Intelligence cuts response time from days to minutes across the entire security stack with end-to-end automation.

We know adversaries better than anyone

Our team tracks 230+ adversaries exposing their activity, tools, and tradecraft. Access thousands of threat alerts, in-depth technical analyses, and detection rules, reducing the need for expensive in-house threat research and detection engineering.

Falcon Adversary Solutions by the numbers


improvement in risk posture2


reduction in threat hunting staff costs2


reduction in researching adversaries and emerging threats2

CrowdStrike named a Leader in the 2023 Forrester Wave™ for External Threat Intelligence Service Providers

1CrowdStrike 2024 Global Threat Report
2CrowdStrike BVA - CrowdStrike BVA numbers are projected estimates of average benefits based on recorded metrics provided by customers during pre-sale motions that compare the value of CrowdStrike with the customer’s incumbent solution. Actual realized value will depend on individual customer’s module deployment and environment.